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Please Come and Enjoy My FIRST ONLINE Moondancing Show

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Hi everyone,
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tu Michael, a Moondancer a.k.a Michael Jackson Impersonator from Vietnam. I have been practicing and performing Moondancing since 1996. Dancing is my passion! When I dance, I feel a different kind of energy running through me.

Although my dance style is inspired by Michael Jackson, I also create my own dance moves feeling to the beats. So I can dance to any other types of music, not only Michael Jackson's. To prove it, I make this special show which includes 3 performances with a total duration of 15 minutes:
1. Smooth Criminal Exotic Remix: I will show you how I dance to a very fast, upbeat remix
2. Human Nature Immortal Version: Not the original version from "Thriller". I will show you how I feel and move to a soft song. The dance will create itself
3. Gangnam Style: Perhaps the most surprising and fun part of this show. I will perform MJ-non-related song, to prove that I can dance to "any other types of music"

This show is named as "Michael Jackson on Stageit - First Show, First Impression?". This is my first online show. I really hope this will be my huge step forward in the online world. So please leave comment about your first impression after watching my whole show on Stageit!

Thank you very much!


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  1. canelovesmj's Avatar
    wow! I'd love to watch it...
  2. tu_michael1985's Avatar
    [QUOTE=canelovesmj;bt595]wow! I'd love to watch it...[/QUOTE]
    Thank you! I hope you will come. I promise I will deliver the best moondancing with MJ's spirit and energy. Keep Michaeling!
    Could you please share this with your friends? Thank you very much!