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PoP & P.Y.T. Girls: Christmas Special Story plot (Cover done)

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Since I've got my Halloween Special Story done and yet not a lot people looked into my stories damn them all. I'm making a Christmas special story this time.

The plot in the prologue is when Sarah (7 months pregnant) and I told the plot of the Christmas story is how we'll look like 10 years later. A lot of characters have changed looks except for me, Sarah and Tiffany Lee. Our kids Hinata (11) and Cameron (10) and Aki's son Michael (11) will be in the story as well. During the story Sarah is ready to have a 3rd child during the week of Christmas, the P.Y.T. Girls exception of Tiffany Lee spent their holidays with us, played outside in the snow like snowball war, boot hockey and skating on the lake. Then on Christmas night, Sarah was in to labour and we decided that she'll have the baby born at home instead of the hospital and collegue nurse Stacey Lepage stood by our side while the kids, Su Yung, Terri and Neewa waited while waiting for Tiffany Lee and her new husband to come over. Then the baby came along, Tiffany Lee arrives and Hinata confesses her love to Michael. Christmas blessing. That's all can give out.

The cover is up

My story is now W.I.P.

My X-Mas story will be on both my deviantArt page and my page.

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Updated 11-12-2013 at 08:34 PM by PoP

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