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Greatest Bad era song

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[QUOTE=MoonWalker94;3953288]Smooth Criminal is a song no one else could create really, another great example of Michael following his insight despite naysayers (Quincy Jones).

On a purely technical scale it's insane, a work of meticulously well crafted funk-pop perfection. Lyrically the song doesn't inspire happy thoughts, but it's rhythm and bounce acts like a contagion. Even the most uncoordinated Joe or Jane can't help but nod their head to this swing beat.

You also have to look at what MJ was able to spawn in other entertainment platforms. This is where QJ was never able too see like MJ, using film, dance, and the stage to empower the music. The Smooth Criminal portion of Moonwalker is by far the showcase of the entire film, a total kaleidoscope of dance culture.

Like Mike said, it's his most revered video by far. To me, it edges out Man in the Mirror as the best song from the BAD era.[/QUOTE]

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