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Earthsong , thatīs what life is about

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Michael captured what life is in the video for Earth Song.
Between life and death there can be beautiful things and bad things, it goes up and down.
I see the dead elephants and the dead man as symbols, they are killed and we canīt bring these elephants and the man to life again, but we can save other elephants and people from being killed in the future.
We can make a change for the better for all humans and animals

We can stop deforestation , we can plant new trees
The winds of change have begun to blow, we can stop the destruction of the environment.

Itīs terrible but we can do something about it.

I've started some threads about cats, moonbears, elephants and I know Iīve posted about terrible things about how they have been treated, but I try to show that even if there are bad people there are good people too who cares and are doing something to stop the killing, the abuses.
Sometimes other fans post nice pictures .
Iīve realised when it comes down to it , itīs all about Earth Song, good and bad things happens and we can make a change

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