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We should NOT support Sony, is it really true???

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Although I have made the video above, I missed this point (which I think it is very important):

Some fans believe we should NOT support Sony
Michael's anger was actually towards the Chairman CEO Tommy Mottola. But Mottola left the company in 2003 and Michael signed a new contract with Sony in 2008 to release ‘Thriller 25.’ This clearly shows that Michael was at peace with Sony and was happy to work with them. So we should support the album

What is your opinion?
I am gonna order Xscape album directly from Amazon right now!

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  1. SkysTheLimit's Avatar
    I think you are absolutely right, MJ had nothing against Sony the company, just the head of Sony (Mattola) and he was very forgiving so signing back with Sony for Thriller 25 shows that he had no hard feelings against Sony. As for Mattola, I'm honestly not sure.
  2. Frankyboy5's Avatar
    I think you are right but it wasn't just Mottola I remember seeing a news report that claimed people working for Sony said suppressed Invincible's promotion due to the 1993 allegations against Michael. Well, that could just be tabloid rumours or coming people who work for Sony, not the company itself as a whole.

    I had no problem with Sony until the Cascio tracks and the Michael album, but I think it was more the Estate's fault.

    What I dislike about Xscape is that 6 of the 9 songs already leaked out in one form or another, although I do like to hear the original demos on the deluxe edition and I'm excited about the three new songs.