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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

CBC is gonna suck deeply without HNIC

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After learning nearly a year ago that Rogers signed a 12 year deal with the NHL for broadcasting rights in both US and Canada. CBC who broadcast the famous "Hockey Night In Canada" for 6 decades now lost the program and hockey revenue and now recently what I've heard was that CBC is now losing sports all together and this years FIFA will be the last sport shown on CBC.

CBC is owned by the Canadian federal government, unlike TSN (owned by Bell) and SportsNet (owned by Rogers). I blame the government for sucking up $$$ out of CBC like blood sucking leeches so that Canadians won't be able to watch "Hockey Night In Canada", how will Canadians watch hockey on public cable if hockey will air on satellites, online or mobile phone? I don't have satellite nor mobile phones. I used to have internet but I don't anymore.

I admit that I am lukewarm about CBC got sublicense with Rogers for 4 years on Hockey Night In Canada, but I am still bitter about CBC losing hockey like this. Because of losing sports, mainly hockey, CBC is gonna suck for a long time and I'll have no use in watching the channel anymore. "Hockey Night In Canada" is the only reason why I love CBC, but now the love is lost and part "Hockey Night In Canada" seems dead to me. Pretty soon CBC will be dead to me.

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