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Adult Lessons from Michael Jackson (and how he improved my tennis game!)

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Im back again spamming the blog section! lol

As some backstory, I used to play tennis all the time since I was about 10 years old. I never really “liked” it, as it wasn’t really a passion of mine. It was good enough as a form of exercise, but I always found myself getting bored at practice unless I was playing a game against someone. My parents and coach pushed me to keep with it until adult hood. After college, I naturally stopped playing as often. But this summer, I’ve managed to play quite often.

While I played, which never was a game – we just hit around, I always found myself getting bored after a while again and hating being sweaty so I wanted to stop lol. I never truly ENJOYED playing – as in, coming away from it like “YEAH! That was FUN!” Instead it was more like “yeah. That was fun.” Lol

Today was different of course (hence the backstory! Lol).
For the better part of the day before going out, I got wrapped up into a blog that I won’t post here per MJJC’s rules. But some of you may have heard of it, called “With A Child’s Heart.” And it features the same themes that are in MJJC’s psychic thread (here: [URL][/URL]).

Now first off, if the author of this blog I’m speaking of is reading this, please forgive me if any of the following comes off as offensive as it is not meant in that way at all. I may be putting my foot in my mouth right now cuz I don’t know what fans think about stuff like this, but I feel compelled to share anyway.

But I always read such things with an ear of skepticism – this idea that MJ is somehow still connected with us and is communicating with us? I’ve always had an internal battle of “but omg this COULD be true” and “but people make up stuff like this ALL the time.” But my talks with a few people (both in and out of the fan community) has opened my mind a smudge more to the possibility of exactly how far we can spiritually reach. I am, btw, a spiritual believer. I believe in a life after this and some all-encompassing truth/creator – or “oneness.”

So I’m reading along, and many of the things said reflect some of things discussed in that MJJC thread. Many things reflected my personal journey back into the fandom and my continued understanding of what this return means. Some words in the blog hit me so hard it made me cry instantly and I couldn’t even articulate why. After THAT happened I had to stop and think: What IS it about this stuff that is affecting me so much? I analyzed it in my head. I thought this person is probably making this all up (again, no offense!) – someone who is an INCREDIBLY good writer, and it IS possible! I know, being a writer myself, how possible it is to come up with very believable worlds. That’s what writing is all about after all. But at the same time, I had to ask myself, even if it all WAS fake: did it take away the fact that the words rang so true for me that it hit me so hard emotionally and physically? I mean, even fiction can do that – and the fact it IS fiction doesn’t make its impact any LESS real.

So with that – I went to tennis.

I went to tennis contemplating this blog and all that I’ve read of it so far. Most of it stuff you guys already know –his belief in childhood preservation, for instance, or in universal love – the power of it, the power that love has to make change. That there’s nothing more important than love…in simple terms, as the text is very involved in explaining the possible whys and hows of it all.

And it was written in conversation format. And I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own childhood, in which I had….well, similar, internal conversations with myself. I still do, but less defined. I’m sure we all have internal dialogues with ourselves, but back when I was a kid, my internal dialogue came in the form of an imaginary friend. Again, not unusual. The unusual thing was that my imaginary friend was Michael Jackson lol. Obviously I knew this was imaginary – I didn’t think I was actually talking to MJ. But it was still comforting to entertain the thought in my young mind. I was born an introvert, and I still wave that flag proudly – so looking back on it, it made sense that I would retreat to that mental image.

Today on the tennis court, my thoughts about this alleged spiritual conversation on that blog had me thinking about my own “conversations” with “Michael.” And I applied the same conclusion – if the EFFECT of this fiction was REAL and POSITIVE, then what does it matter if it was fiction?

So I toyed with this in my head while I played. I had a “conversation” with my old friend “Michael.”

And boy, did I learn a lot.


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    Great Post!