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Best MJ lyrics

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She Pray To God, To Buddha
Then She Sings A
Talmud Song
Confusions Contradict
The Self
Do We Know Right
From Wrong
I Just Want You To
Recognize Me
In The Temple
You Can't Hurt Me
I Found Peace
Within Myself[/QUOTE]

The thing I love most about [B]"Jam"[/B] is that it so nuanced from his earlier attempts a call for world unity. Think [B]"Can You Feel It"[/B], [B]"We Are The World"[/B], [B]"We Are Here To Change The World"[/B] and [B]"Another Part Of Me"[/B]. In those songs writes from the perspective of a calm and patience believing a gentle call with unite the peoples to prepare each other against any impeding doom. However, in Jam, he realises that due to complacency and ignorance that divides the people has come haunt them. The house is now on beginning to shake and will inevitable collapse and crush everyone inside. So now is the rallying cry for unity in the time of great disaster. But as we see in both[B] "Be Not Always" [/B](Cold War) and [B]"Earth Song" [/B](environmental disaster), it was too late.

Another think I noticed in all these songs is his use of vocal delivery to convey not only the message but the context of situation. In the songs before the disaster like [B]"Can You Feel It"[/B] right up to [B]"Another Part Of Me"[/B], he sings melodically and harmonises the lyrics so as to convince the peoples about what could be their doom in distant future. How ever by [B]"Jam"[/B] he realises the this method has not galvanise his full support as the house starts to shake, so injects his signature staccato, percussive and throaty vocal style to emphasis the fierce urgency of the situation. With the world in full blown warfare in[B]"Be Not Always"[/B], he tenderly and somewhat hopelessly sounding voice quivers over the lyrics to emphasis the that as watched to disaster unfold he has hopelessly tried but failed. In [B]"Earth Song" [/B]he screams out the last third of the lyrics indicating frustration and the waste of land that lays before him.[/QUOTE]

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