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White male rock bias

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[QUOTE=Psychoniff;4086330]The white male rock snob has always have an inert hatred towards and outright disdain for the Mj and his craft. So I was thinking why is this. Some have even brought up contemporaries like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Prince as being better examples of what 'pop' stars have achieved. They have dug deep into discrediting MJ in every possible way:

*He couldn't sing that well
He had a vocal range spanning 3.5/4 octaves, just ask his long term vocal coach, Seth Riggs. He vocal style allowed to sing in across different genres from hard rock(BI, DD, GIT), to up-tempo dance (WBSS, SC, JAM) to operatic pop (Childhood, ES). What they often get confused with lack of vocal range is [B]power[/B]. OK so he never had the smooth baseline of a Barry White or Louis Armstrong, or the sandpaper grind of a David Ruffin, Otis Redding or Howlin' Wolf. Fine. But his vocal range was insane. What he lacked in power he made up for uncannily in versatility (he was a high tenor with a deep vibrato). Let's not forget, he was one the greatest child singers of all time who could belt like no other (Little Stevie comes close).

*Producers did the work for him
even though their beloved Elvis and the Beatles had epic producers themselves, in the Beatles success they had the greatest music producer in popular music history George martin. In Elvis's case he had [B]two[/B] producers in Sam Philips and Steve Sholes. According to all producers who worked including Q he was very involved the process.

*He didn't write [B]all[/B] his songs,
but wait, Elvis didn't write [B]any[/B] what's more ironic is Elvis didn't compose, arrange or produce any his 18 #1 hits or any of the 100+ song he released. Elvis is the only one of the top ten artists on Rolling Stones list of #100 GAOAT to not do any of those things. MJ did all those things and yet he only got to #35 (unbelievable) and the Beatles like most groups and artists cover other peoples songs a making some of them them hits (72 at least). So what is so unique about MJ interpreting songs written by others like RWY, Thriller or MITM. He wrote, arranged and/either co-produced 9 of his 13 number #1 hits, 10 if you consider We Are the World and had many more top #40 hits, he was no cover artist.

*He couldn't play any instruments
Not true, take a look at the HIStory album credits. But even if he didn't all records, would that take way from the ideals the creativity in his head to birth classics like This Place Hotel, Billie Jean, or Earth Song? He dictated what he how wanted to the likes of Brad Buxer, Bill Botrell or Jerry Hay. These were [B]his[/B] ideas.[/QUOTE]

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