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What is your Favorite Song from BAD!?

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The Bad album includes several songs that are not only vital to making the album itself stick out, but are also crucial to understanding Mike's legacy. "Smooth Criminal" has to be without a doubt his finest composition, for lyrical content, complex rhythm arrangement, and overall production values. It's one of the greatest songs of the 80's and one of the most unique songs in popular music history you'll ever hear. I also think that as a whole, all songs excluding "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "Just Good Friends" and maybe "Liberian Girl", are not interchangeable, especially now that we've been exposed to the demos during the that era. I think the Bad era seems to have made the strongest possible case outtakes wise (bar Dangerous). I mean "Cheater", "Streetwalker", "Abortion Papers", "Al Capone" and "Price Of Fame"? If those songs replaced the weakest tracks on Bad, goodness knows how much better the response may have been from critics. Those songs could have been replaced with "Cheater", "Al Capone" (with more polished production), "Streetwalker", "Price Of Fame", and/or "Abortion Papers". Those songs would made the album less 'safe' and more edgy particularly "Cheater" and "Streetwalker". "Abortion Papers" and "Price Of Fame" would have given it more social realism and lyrical dynamism. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" and "Just Good Friends" are weren't strong enough imho. Agree with you lyrically speaking about "Dirty Diana", it's basically a rock rip-off of "Billie Jean", but it's stil vintage MJ and works well on that album soundscape wise.

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