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Something interesting happened yesterday

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I attend English classes on mondays and wednesdays. Yesterday I went as usual, and we were talking about vocabulary used in hospitals and that kind of stuff,so the word "heal" came up. Our teacher said that this word can have different meanings, and he suprisingly mentioned MJ and his song "Heal the World". She asked if anyone knew it, of course I said that I knew it and another girl who is mi age knew it too. Nobody else knew it, and there are people in their 20s, 30s and 40s in my class. She played the song and it gave me big goosebumps.
What called my attention was that nobody else knew the song. One of the guys who didn't know it said that he knew Billie Jean, Thriller and... (he stopped talking, but I guess he would've said Smooth Criminal or Beat It). It's a very known in my contry, as I have heard it a couple of times on the radio, and so did my dad (we almost never listen to music stations). But it also made me happy that two young people (in fact, three, because my sister also goes with me and she knows the song because of me) know MJ more than even grown-ups. MJ will live forever!
Also, I hope our teacher will still "introduce" :D us to MJ, because it would make the classes AMAZING:chillin:
Anyway, what do you think about what happened?

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