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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

2015 Horrid Year

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I really can't wait for 2015 to be over, because I expected to be a better year, but it turned sour and I was never happy with the whole year. Like I was never happy that I can't watch anime on TV anymore, Roger's production take over on "Hockey Night In Canada", the Boston Bruins elite team deterioration, but what's more horrid about my year is that I got laid off and suffered a layoff depression for a whole freaking week from the pharmacy I worked which is pretty much the worst moment of my entire year. I came back a week after finding out I've been laid off, my depression washed away completely, but I swear to myself if they lay me off again, I will go on a permanent sabbatical, I'll never work again and besides no other job around in town would be right for me except for where I am now.

Since the Boston Bruins traded my favourite player Milan Lucic away to LA Kings, which gets me off edge that I quit watching and supporting the NHL after 20 years of being an NHL fan. I've hated NHL now for many reasons, like I've previously mentioned Rogers take over on HNIC last year, that's one, there's also what I've been hating, debates on fighting in hockey, too many rules added, salary cap, conspiracies against the Bruins and referees. Gary Bettman and those damned right wings board of governors ruined the NHL too much I just couldn't take it anymore, so I've lost the love for hockey so I'm done. I quit with hockey. Just quit...

I still held my grudge against YTV for trading away anime to Teletoon, I've been blaming both Corus Entertainment (the company which owns both YTV and Teletoon) and the CRTC. I have YTV, but no Teletoon on cable which is why I'm still holding my grudge over YTV for. Yes I get some on DVD/Blu-Ray and watch them on YouTube and Watchcartoononline. Crunchyroll (only Subs) at times, I would consider Hulu, but it's not available in Canada, Useless. I'm still gonna collect the ones I already love.

I'm pretty sure 2016 will be a year for me to be a great year. I'm hoping for a better year this time.

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