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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

Many reasons why I hate and quit NHL- Part 1

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It's been several months since I've cut my ties with the NHL due to my favourite Bruin Milan Lucic got traded away to the West coast which I still cannot stomach to this day and I still refuse to accept it nor getting over it. I've been mentioning there are many reasons why I quit watching NHL games and have nothing to do with them anymore here are the lists of reasons for my quits. I'll express why I hated them in Parts 1 & 2.

-Salary caps
-Montreal Canadiens fans
-Gary Bettman
-Rogers owning Hockey Night In Canada
-Fighting debates (Banning fights NO!)
-Conspiracies against the Boston Bruins
-More rules added
-NHL not taken Grape's suggestions
-Enforcers being called goons
-Fan favourites traded away
-Instigator rule
-Diving/faking injuries
-New formats in hockey
-Hits debates
-Bruins haters

I've started watching and loving hockey for over 20 years which began in the sometime around 1994-95 partly due to my dad told me about the Boston Bruins and thier power foward Cam Neely, being glued to TSN's SportsDesk recaps and Hockey Night In Canada on CBC and absorbing the knowledge of hockey for so many years it was a pretty sweet 20 years and witnessing the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup in 2011 was the most rewarding time as a fan. But along the way as a fan there becoming the so many things I've hated and things that's ruining the game.

The lockout which tarnished half of 1994-95, 2012-13 season and the entire 2004-05 season with some collective bargining agreements and the salary caps that limits amount of $$$ on players they recieve in the amount of seasons they played and trading away players for salary spaces. Who freaking cares about $$$, they treat the sports league like a business like the NFL, NBA and MLB, do any of you care about $$$ and business in your favourite sport? To me I don't and I hated it, you hated it too when you're favourite players gets traded away for salary space as part of the reason.

The instigator rule that's been around before the time Gary Bettman started taking over the office prevents enforcers from protecting star players, that was stupid. It's the enforcers job to protect star players like Marty McSorley who's job is to protect Wayne Gretzky from players coming after him when they play for both Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings. You expect that stars like Crosby, Stamkos, Toews and Datsyuk to get hit without the enforcers protection? Where's the something call the insurance policy huh?

The referees, yeah many fans love them when they make right calls for the team they supported and they hated them when they made a stupid call and screwing the team off. I always hated them for yeah stupid calls which is true, but I hated them even more when they screwed with my team like that one game with Carolina Hurricanes which that was a very physical game lot of roughness going on, but the dark side of the game is that those damned referees gave the Bruins too much penalties one after another. That reminded me of Summit Series 1972 when a certain German referee Josef Kompalla screwed the Canadians gave them too much penalties in Moscow. That game I saw on recap was utter bull$#!^ and I was fuming, my blood boiled and near the end of the game Claude Julien got ejected and those damned referees screwed the Bruins and lost to the Canes 4-1, that's why I hate so much because they love to screw the Bruins into losing. Referees are nothing but black and white blind bats.

Diving is a dumb form in hockey faking injuries forcing a penalty, that's not soccer which is common in that sport as Don Cherry always say that diving is "not the Canadian way". I've noticed some players dive and even fake injuries, like Mike Ribeiro in the 2004 Playoffs in Montreal vs Boston, he showed he hurts his wrist but shortly he revealed he's faking it and Max Paccioretty is the one player I've hated most of all, I saw a clip of the Montreal vs Buffalo game when he gets hit by a puck and being taken away in a stretcher and the next game he played which I knew he faked it and the time when Zdeno Chara knocked his clocks clean after I refuse to watching anymore Bruins-Canadiens games due to my hissy fit and later I heard from Mark Recchi in his interview that he found out that Paccioretty was fine sometime after the hit and I realized what Recchi said that Paccioretty is faking so he hid from the game. Another phony named Brooks Orpik I was watching the Pittsburgh Penguins and Bruins game, when Brad Marchand was down I saw Shawn Thornton came up Orpik and what happened was when Thornton gave Orpik a little push Orpik when down, I noticed it too because I can tell Orpik wasn't hurt at all, many believe he sucker punched or KO'd Orpik, WRONG! They are so fricking blind they didn't notice that Thornton just gave a small push and Orpik slipped on his own feet, I don't buy his injury and I don't believe he was hurt at all and he's been hiding himself until he played in the Sochi Olympics and because of Orpiks intentional dive those damned NHL b@$^@#%$ gave Thornton a suspension and again I was fuming stark raving mad about it.

I hate the debates regarding whether or not to ban both fighting and hitting hockey. I was like "WHAT THE FRICKING HELL!!!" Ban fighting and hitting? HELL NO!!! Hockey is a hard crunching physical game and fighting is a best traditional part of hockey for many decades. I loved fighting in hockey you got the best fighters like Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Jay Miller, Terry O'Reilly, PJ Stock, Rob Ray and so on which are the best fighters. Yet there are people whining and crying over wanting to ban fighting in hockey, it's like they wanted to turn hockey into a sissy sport like figure skating. No offense to figure skating. Though fighting is banned in the OHL successfully but leave fighting and hitting alone in hockey. Don't make hockey into a sissy sport, if you don't any fighting and hitting in hockey, then don't watch hockey at all and STOP YOU'RE FRICKING WHINING PEOPLE!!!

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