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A story from 2 years ago

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Twenty one years ago I was born with cerebal palsy. The horrible stories are not lingering in my head, as I was too young, but getting to an age of nine, I noticed that something wasn't right. It was that I couldn't play on swings, play football or anything like that, but to help me was my very close friends.
It was hitting me at night time one night time as the normal routine was happening, you know, eating supper, then reading a book, then going to sleep. One night time we couldn't find a book to read, someone put the radio on about eight o'clock, you know about that time I used to think what a rare life I had, still listening to the radio, a song came on, it went a bit like this: 'another day has gone, I'm still all alone, how could this be, that you're not here with me.?' I asked quite quickly who is this? My carer said isn't it Michael Jackson, I said 'yes, but what is it called?' before the carer could say anything I heard the four words 'you are not alone', at that second I became a big fan. The carer that was here for eight years but has now gone, but I'm being helped by Michael to get over it. The carer said 'I've got the video', my mind went blank, I didn't know what he looked like and was he saving lives on the video, like he did mine? I borrowed it the next day and he looked so caring and innocent, and from there on I've been calling him my Dad, because my Dad left my Mum and when I was only young, this is creepy listen, when Michael was only five years old, he couldn't play football or go on swings, and he had got a Dad, but his Dad used to beat him up. There are so many comparisons that I can't think of them all right now.
Years ago I had a carer called Helen, we used to play babyish games because Mum couldn't play with me when I was young. In the end Mum got worried because I was fifteen gong on sixteen and we kept playing these games, but that's because I didn't get a childhood, like Michael didn't. She went two years ago, again, like the carer that went after eight years, Michael helped me, but for this carer it was a song called 'have you seen my childhood?'
Now I will get to where I was going in this story. I've got a better life but not a normal life. I get hurt from my hands hitting my head from the involuntary body movements I have, I have medicine three times a day, and every time I go into hospital I wear a T-shirt because I've seen Michael visiting hospitals, so when I wear a T-shirt with him on it, it's like he's with me.
I'm not joking, but you can forget this part if you don't believe me, last year I had to go into hospital for a big back operation and they had their own radio station, which I don't think you can request any songs, but on the morning of the operation, what came on the radio? 'another day has gone, I'm still all alone, how could this be. that you're not here with me?'. That's right it was 'you are not alone', obviously by Michael Jackson. It took fourteen days to get over the operation, but as you can guess, it wasn't only the family and careers that helped me get over it, it was like Michael in spirit. No more songs came on, except for the one that Mum did request.
Unlike 'you are not alone', that was a year ago, but 5 years ago something disgusting and disrespectful happened to Michael, he was accused of child molestation. If I could have been in that courtroom I would have, but because I can't get on a plane because I cannot sit in a plane seat, they will not let a chair on board, which I find disgusting and bias, anyway I would have had to pay two carers. But I know that Michael believes in all of his fans that were supporting him through the awful trial. So don't you get it? I eat, drink and breathe for Michael. So if it wasn't for Michael's song, 'you are not alone', I wonder if i would still be eating or drinking, or in a corner of a room rocking back and forward, or hey, I've got to be truthful, I might not even be here. Thanks to Michael, I feel that I can conquer anything, because Michael loves his fans, if you don't believe me about him being a lifesaver, do go on the internet, there is a website that has a story about a woman, he saved her life, and she became a fan, the same way I became a fan.
From Sam

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  1. Pace,MioDolceCuore's Avatar
    Sam, as far as I understand you were also gifted with another ability, correct? Mediumship comes to different people, such as yourself. Finding that very remarkable.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Michael is helping you, just as you described.
  2. Sharlene's Avatar
    Thank you so much for sharing your story Sam... Michael has touched us fans in so many ways, he has changed our lives. I loved reading every word of your really are such an inspiration to me.
  3. ShineGloveShine's Avatar
    Wonderful words Sam . It's a pretty amazing story how you became a fan, and Michael was always with you in those difficult times.

    Idolizing... thank you so much for sharing this with us and myself .
  4. april_zxh421's Avatar
    I believe what you description this is......
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us......
  5. jrsfan's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing Sam.
  6. xthunderx2's Avatar
    Thank you for haring your story....Michael has always been there for me to...:hug:
  7. qbee's Avatar
    Thank you Sam :hug:
    Ive heard your story before but new chapters keep coming. Im so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I know in my heart too that Michael inspired you but you had the courage to take that inspiration to help yourself and others.

    You are truly not alone and we are not alone
    Michael has left us a beautiful family of love.

    Thank you for sharing your story
    I love you, Mickie (Qbee)
  8. Mechi's Avatar
    Wow, yes how blessed we all are that Michael has touched our lives!
    I've read your post only today and it's here for some time but I think what you're doing in being an inspiration for us here... and well probably more ppl in your life, that is the core, that truely is keeping Michaels legacy!
    Thank you so much for sharing!