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Listen. We need some more engagement in here.

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Okay guys, we need some ideas to keep people alive on this website. Game days? Scavenger hunts? Heart-to-hearts? RPs? Like c'mon y'all--we need to step out of the graves around here! :D Wake up y'all! Smell the hummus!

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Updated 07-11-2019 at 12:51 AM by StageGlitter

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  1. Mikky Dee's Avatar
    Hello and welcome back. Feel free to create threads and run activities along the lines that you have mentioned, if you wish to be a part of helping us to "keep people alive on this website". There are already many threads aimed at community engagement, which members can choose to participate in and these are bumped regularly by staff, by regulars and by the new members we are attracting every day and every week. They like to comb through our threads and contribute their opinions, participate in our games, quizzes, polls and picture discussions, plus make friends with each other in the process. This is wonderful to see.