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Larry's Reviews: Michael

Rating: 2 votes, 3.50 average.
Hold My Hand 8/10: This song is a masterpiece and definitely shows that Michael's vocal talent only got better with age, the lyrics and the extra Michael we hear (on top of the 2008 version) are the songs upsides, however, Akon's annoying auto-tuned rapping brings this song down.

Hollywood Tonight 9/10: The groovy bass and the beatboxing grab you, and the first lines of the song sound like a new Michael that is new and ready for a comeback. The verses, the bridge and the music are all strong points in this song. The Chorus however is quite plain and boring and after a while get repetitive.

Keep Your Head Up 9/10: Alot better than the leaked version, it comes without the earth song adlibs and doesn't use nearly as much computerised vibrato, the lyrics, the vocals and the chorus is all great, and really shines in the bridge with Michael hitting higher notes than we are probably use to, i have no doubt that this song is 100% Michael, backed of course by various choirs and none other than James Porte.

(I Like) The Way You Love Me 10/10: One of the albums strongest tracks, a massive overhaul and revamp of the version released in 2004, Michael's vocals more polished and enjoyable, with a thicker instrumental and modern backing vocals this song soars above my own expectations of the song and has a very nice phone recording at the start giving us a glimpse of his creative genius.

Monster Ft 50 Cent 8/10: Great song, absolutely NOTHING like the leaked version a lot better than Thriller i have to say, has a catchy hook and the Chorus is the best part lyrically (which is how songs should be) the beat is very dynamic and Michael's vocal's are very smooth and give a great tone to the song, however the only downside is the random unnecessary unrelated rap by 50 Cent that follows a great bridge, it definitely brings my bridge high right down.

Best Of Joy 10/10: Being one of the last songs Michael ever recorded (just weeks before he died) it definitely fills me with a flood of emotions, the music is simple and fantastic, it just doesn't get boring, the lyrics are amazing with Michael chanting "I am forever, wasn't it i that carried you around?" it brings the uplifting ballad straight to my heart, reminding me that he will always remain, i add this song to my list of Michael classics along side Billie Jean, MITM, ES and many more!

Breaking News 4/10: An absolute discrace to the album as a whole, the song itself is so incomplete that it should never have been filled in, at least half the vocals are Michael and to me that is way too little to say that it's HIS song, the lyrics are unfinished and arrogent, turning the spotlight on the fact that he's "Michael Jackson" the upsides are that the music is great and the song albiet bad is very catchy, although it just should not have been put on the album, i viable replacement on your iPod is Blue Gangsta.

(I Can't Make It) Another Day 6/10: The music is ok but very linear and at times has a stop start theme, the song starts off really good... but just as you think it's about to end BANG another wave of music follows suite, the first 2 verses along with Michael's strong projections in the chorus are the songs strongest points, i feel there wasn't enough vocals to finish the song and again i vote for a replacement song Slave To The Rhythm.

Behind The Mask 9/10: A MASSIVE refresher from the 2 songs on the album that i do not approve of, the music coupled with Michael's beat boxing and groovy synths give a great character, but it's the Thriller Esque voice in the first verse that hooks you, the verses are followed by an even stronger chorus which is catchy and actually changes each time and continues a long line of Michael's songs you just can't get bored of, the only downside is the annoying outtakes from Dangerous LIVE in Bucharest, otherwise i would have given this a 10.

Much Too Soon 7/10: Simple in it's grace and Michael's voice is breathtaking as he slides note to note, the music is simple and effective and gives this song a good appeal, only things i can say that im not big on is i wish Michael had done some more backing vocals and i dunno about you but i definitely would have liked that song to go for another minute and just as the song's name suggests it ends Much Too Soon.

I give this album 80% or an A grade, it's one of his best albums and outshines Thriller, Off The Wall and Blood On The Dancefloor


Michael (2010)

1. Hold My Hand
2. Hollywood Tonight
3. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
4. Keep Your Head Up
5. (I Like) The Way You Love Me
6. Monster Ft 50 Cent
7. Best Of Joy
8. Blue Gangsta
9. Slave To The Rhythm
10. Behind The Mask
11. All I Need
12. Much Too Soon

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