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My thoughts on the Cascio tracks

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the jackson's are WRONG
and Sony's WRONG

Sorry, had to get that out, where am i going with this?
The debate over Michael's Authenticity is just out of control and nuts!

Why? Because your all wrong! It's like religion, theres a book telling the believers the rules, theirs experts preaching the facts but in the end all the followers believe something completely different, for example some people believe (im in the catagory) that BN is not 100% Michael, others believe all the Cascio tracks are not 100% Michael, theres a thread where someone even said Hollywood Tonight was fake and in that same thread someone said the couldn't hear Michael in Best Of Joy!!!

Conclusion the fake MJ album debate is a religion, and is WRONG, unless you have actual facts to present, let it go, cause it's getting crazy in their :timer:

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