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sam had a dream

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For years Sam wanted to go to college to start a new life, he finally got there and everything seemed fine he felt like they had gave him a trophy, so he held it above his head. He thought everthing was going to be ok. He had to get used to 30 plus staff without his Mum. His trophy began to shine. After quite awhile he began to notice that he couldn't talk to anyone apart from staff, the trophy began to shake but he held it up. As time went on he noticed he was being left out from having fun but he kept on going. Soon he started to sweat all day and what he had hoped for wasn't coming out, again the trophy was falling even more but he kept it up. In the end after a year and a half he crumbled into bits and the trophy fell in front of him and it read "congratulations you have done everything you could here but now it is time to move on".

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Updated 31-01-2011 at 04:50 PM by MJ~And~Me

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  1. fondero's Avatar
  2. karom's Avatar
    aww :hug:
  3. Pace,MioDolceCuore's Avatar
    Keep on with the dream, Sam and keep fighting.
    Find people to fight with you! I answered you in the thread as well. Hope you can adress the right organizations to help you. Don't let anyone take your precious trophy, for it's rightfully yours!
  4. xthunderx2's Avatar
  5. #Cheater's Avatar
    Your trophy is very precious, do not let nobody take it. :)