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Thread: Be aware...

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    Exclamation Be aware...

    first, sorry admins and mods that i'm posting this in this forum. i hope i dont get much troubles for this. but thats a VERY IMPORTANT WARNING!

    Be aware of the user MrPhillip. Here and maybe on other forums. i never contacted him, never asked for anything, or even talked to him. here is what he send me throught private message...

    I'm selling the HQ tape from TV station, Dangerous tour 1993, front version, my quality is very excellent, so I know u will enjoy the concert, 250 pounds, if you are interesed.

    what city?
    Santiago, Chile 1993
    the quality is excellent, VOB files from TV tape
    tv station. good joke. its amateur.
    but my answer is "no"
    is no joke, is from tv station, was record by channel 13 in chile and is not amateur, ok.
    and noone is giving u money for a video thats free for everyone. nor 250 punds. are u mad? only weird people will pay for this. and btw for a shitty vhs tape?
    whats going on in your mind to think that people give u money for something that u dont have any copyrights for? shame on you.
    you can upload it for other fans. here on this form. like REAL fans doing this. like i'm doing a lot of years now. i never charged the fans for any upload i did. everything is for free. and u came here and asked fans for 250 pounds? how weird is this? for a shitty quality of concert that everyone saw? a video that leaked 10 years ago (vhs rip, not so good quality)?
    free your mind, come to earth, and then act like a true fan.

    good night...
    is not that, I get it the video, I need money urgent, is just that.
    lol, thats an argument. ^^ then go working. but dont steal the money from the fans.
    i dont believe what i'm reading here. god....
    lol I'm not steal the money from the fans, I just need money for more video
    you didnt get it into your brain? you dont have any copyrights on all the videos. so u are not allowed to get money for this. you are a thief! you are a criminal!
    its about the santiago concert. its better quality. but this concert is available since 10 years.
    he is a thief! and wants to have money for a bad vhs rip, for a video he don't have any copyrights. against the copyrights of the owner. he wants to steal the money from the fans!
    a video that noone should ever pay a penny. he dont even accept it if someone says to him that he acts like an criminal. and he is a criminal. a thief!
    so please be aware of him, and dont pay any money to him.

    i wonder if he contacted more user on this forum? and i hope Gaz will ban him from this forum. I'm sure thats against the rules.

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