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Thread: Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

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    Default Re: Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    I watched BAD Wembley yeasterday - streamed it on MJ's official youtube page. - What an amazing concert. Perfect really.

    BUT... the quality (picture only - sound is great IMO) is bad... Very sad that this EPIC concert is only released in a very bad picture quality.

    I doubt non-fans would ever wanna see a concert in this quality for 2 hours...

    IF a BAD concert exists in great quality HD and with great sound. I really hope the estate releases is. And hopefully with extra material this time. Rehearsal footage etc. BAD is MJ at his prime. No doubt. If anyone should see MJ at his best - This Is It... BAD tour is perfect. Vocals are great - and live - dance is amazing.

    Release it !! - me dancing MJ - many years ago.

    I would be really glad if you rated or/and commented the videos. Thanks

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    Default Re: Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbsaber01 View Post
    Here we are 7 years later. I will keep beating a dead horse here and say an HD Filmed Bad tour (or any new show) should be released soon. Before the world ends lol.
    Leeds would be great since it was appearently shot on film and was going to be broadcast.
    Or, they could take some umatic show (NY, Kansas) and remaster it. (Send it to a different company this time) and I think it would look better than wembley.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hulkamaniac View Post
    Ah s*it, here we go again.
    Quote Originally Posted by dethorro View Post
    LOL! You're right....we've discussed this a million times already, but it is an interesting topic.
    Quote Originally Posted by From Motown To Your Town View Post
    Come on BRANCA! We want more BAD Tour shows released.
    Quote Originally Posted by nextbigthing56 View Post
    Would be the greatest release ever IMO
    Quote Originally Posted by HappyLeeHL View Post
    Anything would look better than Wembley, whether it's VHS tapes with a proper remaster, or other shows with higher quality source.
    Quote Originally Posted by dam2040 View Post
    A true HD concert from the tour would probably be 99% of fans best release for sure.

    We’ve been teased too much!
    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus123 View Post
    I have a feeling that they have a concert on film but they don't have multitrack audio for it. That could be the reason why they haven't released it yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seldervi View Post
    That Man In The Mirror segment is probably one of the most loved segments of that film, nobody complained about it being a montage, literally my only complaint is that addition of those non-MJ scenes, but that wouldn't affect a full concert release.

    Just thinking about being able to see Michael perform that Thriller in HD, god that must look beautiful, especially during the dance section, I would love to see that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hulkamaniac View Post
    Just the thought of an HD Bad Tour release puts a smile on my face. Too bad that The Estate is lazy af.

    Yep to all the above...

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