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    Default Michael Jacobshagen - All Discussion Here [MERGED]

    One of the boys whom Michael befriended in the 90s, Michael Jacobshagen, released a book on MJ's 55th birthday called "Will You Be My Friend?"

    It's his tribute to Michael. The book is thin - about 100 pages if you exude the pictures, and it's written in a not very good English, but I appreciated stories he had to tell. He mostly talks about his personal childhood experience with Michael, but also mentions some important things - the insomnia and prescription drug issues MJ had during the HIStory tour, and what a strain it was for him to complete the tour in 1997. Reading this, you clearly see that Michael shouldn't have ever been allowed to plan another tour by medical reasons alone

    He also mentions how much Michael HATED remixes of his songs, and how he didn't want to release BOTDF compilation; how "Smile" single was cancelled after Michael had refused to appear on a TV show.

    Michael's childlike side really comes forward when Jacobshagen describes their past time and hide-and-seek games they played together, and how Michael always went out of his way to make sure that the kids around him were happy. It's heartwarming, but also sad knowing how that turned out for Michael. And what's important, Jacobshagen defends MJ against the allegations. I really appreciate him coming forward and doing this at this time, against Robson's claims. I hope fans will support this book and someone will send a gift copy to Diane Dimond.

    The book is short, and although there are a few new photos, they are of terrible quality. In the last chapters he talks about Michael's last years which he didn't personally witness, and even speculates about the murder conspiracy a little bit. I would have preferred if he had written more about the Michael he knew instead. The grammar could benefit from an English-speaking editor. But even with all that, I think it's a nice tribute from a friend.

    The book's facebook page:

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