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    Lightbulb Take me, Inspired by APWNN

    "Take me"

    Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
    Orginally published on MJJCommunity Blog
    Inspired by the lyrics of "APWNN"
    Copyright 2014/2015

    Enjoy, Daz.

    ~ Synopsis ~

    Michael was driving home from a tough studio session one day.
    He wished he could just escape this world.
    Always be careful what you wish for or it might come true...

    Part One

    It was almost dawn at around 5 AM and I decided to call it a day.
    I refused a ride home and insisted I needed to air.
    I had to promise, I would be carefull. That was my intention really!
    I would come home to an empty bed so no one would wait and
    sit up for me, right?

    I suddenly remembered I had a quarrel with my lady today or
    was it yesterday?
    I never was any good with keeping tabs on days and hours, duh!
    She just took off and I all I could do was go to work.
    Now, I dreaded to go home...
    I wished she would be there so I could fall asleep in her arms but
    that was just wishfull thinking on my part.

    I got into my jeep and started the drive home. I was glad the road was quiet.
    The music session was still resonating in my brain.
    I was still humming the tunes,
    hoping my Muse would somehow remember it all.

    So, I drove on the driveway lost in thoughts but
    still keeping an eye on the road too.
    Yep, multitasking, LOL! Suddenly, my jeep began to rock...

    I snapped out of my bliss and even my Muse went on mute.
    I tried not to crash the car and end up as a headliner in the news.
    I parked my jeep at the side of the road and looked into my rearview mirror.
    It was save to come out, indeed! I walked around it and noticed I had a flat.
    I cursed a little why I had been so stubborn to drive home alone now.
    I glanced around to see if anyone could help but nah...

    The road seemed deserted and
    only the yellow line that divided the road in two stared at me.
    It made me sigh... What was I gonna do now? Call for help?

    I got out my cell and no matter at what angle I held it,
    I seemed to not have any reception here...
    Strange really! I felt a chill taking master of me as I felt the morning air.
    Dawn was on its way and a white fog appeared caressing me.
    Did it now whisper?

    'Take me... Take me...' Nah, couldn't be...
    I was just imagining it, right? I was tired...
    exhausted really and my brain was playing with me now...
    Something or even someone was calling out for me though and
    yeash,curiousity killed the cat as they say!
    I walked on and somehow didn't realize I was now caught in the mist.
    The only way was ahead, was it?

    I noticed a figure there in the distance.
    My flight or fight system switced on automatically.
    I wanted to see who she was but my brain told me to be careful really.
    I neared her and noticed it was a girl dressed in white.
    She had golden hair like the sunshine.
    She reached out her hand to me and whispered:
    "Don't be afraid. I'll take you there."

    'Where? ' My brain freaked out.
    'Where are we supposed to go? ' My heart fretted.
    My body was numb really and before I realized it, she lead me on.
    'Where are we going exactly? ' I thought puzzled.
    Had I somehow falling asleep in the car?

    I inspected myself. No Blood, no broken bones, note even a tear in my shirt.
    The mist was engulfing us and her soft hand made
    any resistance futile really...

    The mist seemed to clear up now as I was still holding the hand of
    the angel that 'saved' me. I looked down at my feet and
    noticed the ground between me. It was a gravel path.
    'Where is the road? ' My brain fretted at me
    but I didn't have the answer yet as I looked at the path like I had never seen it or
    was I trying to locate where I was?
    Did the road home had a gravel path after all or
    had I never noticed it driving the car speeding home?

    The lady only smiled at me and squeezed my hand.
    I felt like I was still in limbo. My feet just automatically walked.
    My heart still was wrapped in her love or was it 'trapped' now?
    'Where are we going again? Where is your bloody car?
    You were supposed to go home! '

    My brain fretted at me but all I could do was 'ignore' it cause WOW...
    What place was this? A town before me doomed up.
    Why had I never seen it before?

    Flowers were surrounded by trees and
    beautiful southern style mansions doomed up with perfect trimmed front lawns.
    My brain kept fretting but I was much too in awe over this place
    I never seen before. The mist had totally cleared up as I looked up,
    I only saw blue sky!

    As we walked past the first beautiful homes,
    folks started to pass us by and only smiled and nodded like
    I was some 'welcomed' visitor to their town or 'utopia' cause
    it seemed like plucked out of a fairy tale book.

    I rubbed my eye with my left hand that was still free cause
    somehow I was still holding her hand. It felt warm and calming.
    I briefly glanced at her cause
    gentleman don't gawk or stare at a beautiful girl like this.

    "Are you okay, Sir? " She only asked.
    Like, I felt busted for even glancing at her,
    I hung my head down and only nodded 'yeash'.

    Then, I noticed the gravel had taken on a more solid form for road now and
    curious like a toddler on its first day out, I peered around.

    Men were lounging in deck chairs while women watering the flowers.
    Kids were playing in the front yard with their toys or even whizzing
    by on their bikes. It felt wierd but still save or was she holding me into a 'fix'.
    I didn't dare to let go of her hand. What if I saw where I really was now?
    I must have crashed my car and this was 'heaven' somehow.
    They say, your loved one or a family member comes to 'pick you up' , right?
    Did I know her?

    I peeked at her briefly. I didn't recognize her though!
    We arrived at a house. Hers maybe?

    I was reculant to let go of her hand now though she insisted it was okay.
    I did pinch my eyes shut fearing that this 'dream' would just evaporate now.
    It was only when she took my hand again,
    that I dared to open my eyes and move my feet again.

    "You must be tired, Mister?" She only spoke as she led me into her home.
    Curious, I peered around and it seemed like a scene out of a romantic movie,
    full of curtains with roses and lace. Old fashioned wallpaper.
    It looked like I had gone back in time. Oh, no time!

    Where the hell was I in the first place?

    "Won't you take a seat in the sofa? " She offered.
    I took her offer as I plunged into the sofa like
    I was just visiting an old friend of mine.
    How endearing this all looked and felt,
    my brain was doing me head in and it made me shiver.
    Why was I here? Where was here? Why wasn't I home yet or was this home?

    Her soft angelic voice pierced through my thoughts as
    she asked if wanted coffee?
    "Yeash, thanks Miss" I only replied. She left me there alone as
    she must have trotted off to the kitchen.
    I noticed family pics on a mahony table next to me and smiled at the picture.
    In that instant, I thought of my girl and how I screwed it up yesterday.
    She wanted to go out to some play or whatever but
    I fretted I need to work and finish this album cause
    the record company was nagging about it and
    I didn't wanna disappoint my fans. I could see it hurted her but
    my fans are like part of me and that I know she would never understand but
    I told her she had to take it all if she wanted to be part of my life.
    I loved her dearly but no one would come in between my fans and I. No one!

    Once again, she ripped my thoughts apart as
    she plunged down a tray with two beautiful antique cups.
    It seemed like a shame to drink out of them but
    she was so kind to invite me into her home that
    I carefully took mine and sipped from it.
    Next to her cup of coffee lay scones so nice and scrumptious.
    "Take one! " She insisted as she saw my glare.
    "Thank you, Miss! " I answered polite and enjoyed eating one...
    No a few though.

    With my tummy full of scones swimming in a sea of coffee, I dozed off.
    I know, coffee is supposed to keep you awake but
    it always made me sleepy though.
    "It's okay, let go..." I heard her say and the touch of her hand on
    my forehead made it okay.
    Could be the memory that my sweetheart used to put me asleep like that?

    I stirred a little as I noticed she laid a blanket on me but
    I only snuggled in it and fell asleep eventually.

    Finally, I woke up in the sofa. I yawned and stretched myself.
    Was it a noise? A smell or just my brain waking me now?

    "Well, hello back" I heard a soft voice calling out to me.
    It made me shudder. Why had I fallen asleep in the sofa?
    Someone's sofa!

    I glanced around still dazed from sleeping and she came sitting next to me.
    She smelled so wonderful and all I could do was smile at her.
    "It's okay, it seemed you needed that nap, hey? "
    I rubbed my left eye and only nodded suppressing another yawn again.
    "You must be hungry now? "

    I only nodded again and tried to free myself from the borrowed blanket.
    I checked out my clothes. I had them on when I drove home, right?
    "Here, I made you a ham and cheese sandwich! "
    She shoved a plate in my lap with two white slices of bread that
    were diced in a triangle.
    "Thanks" I acted startled and my stomach insisted to eat it anyway.
    "You need another coffee to wake up, Sir too? " she asked me.

    "Oh, I'm Tracey Malden.
    Sorry for not introducing myself earlier but you fell asleep in the sofa.
    I managed to blush before I told her my name was Michael Jackson.
    It made me cringe in a little cause I thought for a moment
    she would freak out as she gawked at me and then she glanced at the TV.
    She shook her head 'no'. I did gawk at the TV too.
    Wow, where did she find such an antique model, really?
    "It can't be..." she reacted baffled.

    "You're not that little boy I saw last week on the Ed Sullivan show, are you? "
    She showed me how big he was with her hand but
    her smile melted my heart really.
    I didn't know what to answer. I didn't dare to move honestly.
    Why didn't I just say my name was Mike or Jack or any random name.
    I was stuck here in a house of probably a fan and
    what year were here exactly?

    I only shrugged and bravenly asked her what town
    I ended up in and what day we were?
    I was puzzled as I peeked at her interior and that antique TV.
    "Oh, this is a place with no name... I know, I think its a lame name too.
    Everyone just blinks when you tell them and
    they expect a more decent name, huh! "
    "No, I don't mind... It sounds mysterious really! "
    "You like it then? " She asked smiling.
    "Well, you've been so nice to me.
    Why shouldn't I like it and a name is just a name, right? "

    "Indeed" she nodded confident.
    "Oh, we're December 20th already"
    "Are we? " I asked puzzled and tried to remember
    what day we were yesterday.
    I know, I'm terrible with dates but I never forget a melody.
    It seemed as if I was a little disorientated though as
    vulnerable I looked around the room.
    The walls seemed to close upon me now as I clutched my blanket.
    "I think you need another coffee" she stated and leaped from the sofa.

    "Tea! "I yelled in despair.
    "I'd rather have a cup of tea. Coffee makes me sleepy! "
    I fretted as I didn't want to fall asleep now.
    Oh, they are gonna love it really when I tell them where I ended up now.
    Wait! Did I know the way back? Was I trapped here in...
    'OMG! ' My brain screamed. 'She didn't mean 1969, right?
    Or was it a re run she saw or a classic video or dvd?'

    I tried to locate another 'technological' device but
    the more I focused the more exhausted I became.
    "Here! " she offered. "That will calm you down! "
    I hesistantly took the warm cup with the handpainted periwinkles in my hands.

    "It's camomille, dear! I won't hurt you! " She insisted.
    I sipped from it and indeed the tea soothed my nerves
    on the brink of falling apart.
    She only smiled at me sipping from her coffee.

    To be continued...
    ~ Copyright 2014 ~

    Next: Part Two


    ‘ It’s better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation’

    _ Michael Jackson _

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