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Thread: TTTO 4: What now

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    Smile TTTO 4: What now

    "TTTO 4: What now"

    Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.

    Is ‘the evil scheme’ still simmering in the dark corners of Hollywood?
    Can Michael aka CG adjust easily now?
    Join me again on the quest to ‘save’ Michael out of
    this ‘evil’ grip called ‘fame’ .


    PLEASE NOTE that this story is PURE FICTIONAL!
    Only created to ‘keep us sweet’ for a few hours…
    Welcome to Part FOUR of “Take the talent out”


    “NO ABYSS”

    Stof’s joy was short lived however as he got downstairs
    to the breakfast room…
    There were other guests enjoying their breakfast and
    only nodded ‘hello’ to the new family entering the cozy place…
    Then, his heart plummeted to the abyss of the ocean
    as he noticed three girls sitting there in the corner…
    Their breakfast untouched…
    As he glanced up to their faces, their eyes were red and puffy…
    One was reading the newspaper…
    One was staring into infinity and
    the other one was messing with her teabag,
    cursing why it won’t behave…

    A shudder of remorse flashed through his being.
    The girl reading the paper suddenly looked up and
    locked eyes with him…
    Her stare ‘burnt’ right through him and all he could do
    was flee the room rushing up the stairs almost tearing
    down the baluster.

    The remaining family suddenly disappeared too
    leaving the girls at table 3 ‘in awe’
    of what just happened.
    The other couple on table 5 was totally oblivious to
    the current ‘awe’ vibe and just got up and left.



    The one with the misbehaving teabag also
    looked up at her friend who seemed like she was in a trance…
    Could it be him? Was he hiding here?
    Should she ‘tell tale’ her friends and so risk his exposure?

    “Madeline? “
    The other girl snapped out of her thoughts and
    like in a delayed reaction looked at the spot where he stood…
    Had he left a ‘mark’ there?

    “Who was that, Mad? “ She only asked.
    “Some weirdo eyeing me”
    she only fretted and she literally had to bite the tip of
    her tongue or she would have ‘hollered’ “MICHAEL” …
    Very helpful that would be, indeed!

    “What are we going to do today? “ The ‘teabag’ lady asked.
    “I don’t know, Dawn… What’s the point of it all…
    I only hope Michael is save wherever he is…”
    she sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

    “What ‘you have in mind, Mad? “
    Tracey asked her friend still on cloud 9, I suppose.
    No answer as her mind was still trying to process the fact
    the ‘weirdo’ could have been Michael…
    Was that just ‘wishful thinking’ on her part?
    He didn’t resemble Michael, did he?
    Why did he almost ‘crash’ the staircase?
    Who was the family he was with?
    Why were the kids wearing caps… hiding their faces?

    “What does the paper say? “
    Dawn asked her trying to get her out of her trance.
    It send a shiver down her spine as
    she crackled the paper and
    tried to focus on what she just read…


    “WHY ME”

    Meanwhile, upstairs…
    Someone was crying his eyes out and trying
    to speak at the same time.
    He had ripped off his mask and just sat there on
    the toilet seat who was put down cursing and fretting
    at the girls who tried to calm him down…

    “I… can’t …. do this… I can’t… “ he screeched at them.
    “Please… let me… do… another concert or
    just show up or tape a video message… You got the camera with you? “
    Carol sighed.
    They didn’t think this through, did they?

    “Please…” he begged them with his puppy doe eyes of his.
    “Just to let my fans know, I’m okay… I can’t live… can’t … live like this…”
    he whined fretting at his pants while tears were rolling down his cheeks.
    He wiped them away with his right sleeve.
    “You’re still save now. The Breakfast room was not a smart idea…
    Should we go into town to get some Bacon or anything you want? “

    Offended, he looked up to her…
    He usually didn’t resort to yelling but he was at the end of his strength or
    was it the glance in their eyes that freaked him out…
    HAVE YOU SEEN THESE FANS? MY FANS! “ He bellowed at them.
    “I can… can’t do this… to them…
    I never… never… wanted to disappoint… my fans…
    they are… gonna… hate me… now…”
    his yell had turned into a sob again as
    he buried his face into his hands now.

    “We definitely need a good plan to satisfy the fans”
    It made her sigh.
    “We won’t compromise your safety though … “
    she insisted and looked up at Diane lost in thoughts.
    “You know, Michael… that was our plan… Keeping you alive… ”
    Teary eyed he looked up at her.



    “Any lead, Kenny? “
    the worried Choreographer asked as
    he met up with the crew for an urgent meeting.
    “No” he only nodded and sighed.
    “For some reason, I don’t want him found, Travis”
    he whispered in his ear and then laid his finger to his mouth
    as the Boss came trotting in.
    “I know” he whispered back and titled his head sideways to
    the man in front of the meeting room.

    Sparkles of negative energy shot out of him and
    hit everyone through shirt and bone.
    “Is everyone present in this urgent meeting
    except the bloody star? “
    He began his rant without even welcoming everyone.
    “Yes, sir”
    Mr. Ortega called out to him once he checked the crew.



    “Then we can hit off with this nonsense…
    Does anyone know if Michael has friends living here?
    He could be hiding there instead of being missing.
    The crew members glanced at each other
    for a possible answer but then only shrugged.

    “I admit that the opening concert and the last one
    was above my expectations but this is utterly ridiculous
    to disappear like this… “
    He stopped for a moment to catch his breath and
    then the flood of words was turned on again.
    “I don’t care what Michael does on his free days…
    I don’t even care if he bunks with friends…
    I want him on that stage and in those meetings…”
    He slapped his fist on the table who shook in fear.

    All the crew members swallowed.
    It hadn’t been the first time since they saw his ‘temper’ but
    they notice it spiral out of control now…
    “Today, is concert day…
    The O2 should have been packed with fans but
    NO ONE SHOWED UP…” he screamed by now.
    “Because some idiot told the press,
    Michael is missing and it’s in every bleeping newspaper…”
    He almost fainted of anger.
    “They even claim….” He continued his rant.
    “… That the concert has been cancelled…
    So, now…. Someone needs to do a Press conference
    to state that today’s concert is cancelled indeed…
    I don’t even wanna answer any questions about the other dates…
    Michael has 2 Bleeping days to show up or
    I’m cancelling the whole tour…”
    He heaved at the end of his strength.
    “Meeting dismissed”
    he finally uttered and plunged down on a chair.
    No one dared to ask if he was okay…
    Worried they all left the rampant meeting…

    Mr. Ortega offered to do the press conference
    only seriously stating that the concert was cancelled and
    that he was worried about his friend….
    He didn’t answer the sea of questions hurled at him, only
    quickly hid in his car that sped off…
    Was the tour doomed to fail or would his wish come true?



    Christopher aka Michael had calmed down and
    his daughter ever so worried was now cradled in his lap.
    She had a scare too and sobbing she was now comforted
    by her dad’s touch.

    Carol’s phone rang and noticing who it was,
    she walked out the room, out of the hotel and turned the corner,
    thinking the phone signal would be a dead giveaway of
    where they were hiding if the phone was ‘tapped’
    but these days you couldn’t trust anyone, right?

    “Hello Sir”
    she answered polite walking down the street passing folks by.
    “Carol? “ The man only first asked.
    “Yeash, Sir”
    “Are you alone? “
    “I am, Sir… I’m on the street, you know.”
    “Smart girl, it’s Kenny here. How is the culprit? “
    “He of course met some crying girlies just now and
    he’s all over the place. How are they taking it? “
    “Same” he sighed.
    “Is he okay? “
    “We managed to calm him down though he misses the… “
    she quickly glanced around.

    She was heading for the busy high street and
    cabs and buses were whizzing by. She felt so cornered.
    “Are you okay? “
    “Well, we’re stuck… If we come back then all is lost, right? “
    “If you stay away, then he’s gonna blow up the whole tour”
    he only babbled.
    “He what? “ She reacted appalled.
    “We just had a meeting and he was furious…
    There must be a way to get him on that stage and
    still protect him… Let me think about it…
    The ultimatum is 2 days… Got to go now, take care…”
    The phone was disconnected before she could reply and
    worried Carol head back to the Hotel.
    She felt like the whole world was on her shoulders.



    Well, could she have expected the mayhem
    once she returned to lions nest, right?

    “What’s wrong? “
    She frowned her eyebrows as she saw how
    his eldest almost run her over carrying wet towels.
    “Where ‘you been?” He only scolded her.
    “Here” he offered them to Grace.

    He laid there on the bed… Shirt open… pale in his face…
    shivering like he was trapped in an earthquake…
    Grace was trying to cool him down with wet towels…

    “Please Daddy… Please… ” she cried frantically.
    “No hospital” his eldest insisted.
    “You know what they will do to him, right? “
    “It’s gonna be okay, dad”
    he assured him as his body behaved a little better
    covered in wet towels now.

    “I’m calling Kenny for help… “
    “Kenny? “ Grace protested.
    “He needs a Doc and quick… “
    “Try to keep him awake and at ease…”
    Carol only stated and walked out of the door and out of the hotel.
    She dialed his number…
    He didn’t acknowledge her name…

    He had felt something was terribly wrong…
    “Where are you?”
    “Great Portland street… Code blue…”
    she only whispered in the phone.

    In matter of minutes, she faced him.
    He looked up at the hotel…
    “Smart… very smart” he only stated.
    “Which room? “
    He asked as he entered the hotel and rushed up the stairs.
    He hadn’t heard her reply as he met Blanket in the hallway.

    “Hey, where is dad? “
    The boy with his red and puffy eyes only pointed out a door left open.
    He expected mayhem coming from that room
    but it was quiet… Too quiet…


    “BAD LUCK ”

    It felt like he was splashed with a bucket of ice cold water
    as he saw how they were frantically keeping him at ease…
    “I know someone that can help…” he only stated.
    Grace let out a sigh of relief.

    Without the polite ‘hello‘ and without
    even the ‘briefing’ of what was happening.
    He wrapped him in the sheets he was laying on and
    scooped the feather light body in his arms like
    he was a newborn baby off to see his mummy for the first time.
    No one spoke a word…

    The Boss at the reception aided to help but Ortega
    only claimed he had it under control.
    Carol opened the cab door,
    even the cab driver was stunned to find the man returning
    with an oversized package.
    “Campden Hill and step on it”
    He only demanded the cabdriver.

    During the ride, he was afraid to look inside the bundle of misery and
    he only hoped, he wasn’t too late…
    Was this plan doomed to fail?
    Nah, BAD luck I guess…



    The cabdriver arrived safe and sound.
    Ortega had given her some change and
    she paid the cab when he crawled out with his delicate package…
    If he would only have known hey?
    Would he be featured in every Bloody newspaper then
    as the man who helped to ‘save’ Jackson?
    Nah, don’t be silly…

    The elderly man just wearing sweatpants and
    a sweater with hood opened the door and
    startled he let them in…

    “Hi Beechy… I need a big favor, please…”
    He had only nodded at Carol and wondered what the favor was.
    The body was released onto the couch and the sheets slipped away.
    “That’s Jackson…”
    he hollered and then slapped his hand in front of his mouth.
    “You found him? “
    “Please” Kenny begged his friend.
    “You owe me one remember? “
    “I indeed do…” the man sighed and then kneeled beside him.

    “Honey, stars do need to eat and drink, remember? ”
    he scolded her but Carol stood there awestruck
    just staring at the ‘lifeless’ body still covered in white hotel towels…
    “Can you help? “
    “Of course, I can…” he only shrugged.
    “Help me bring him to the spare room… I’ll see if I have some Saline left.”
    Carol plunged into the sofa…
    Devastated about the fact, she just panicked.
    Well, they all panicked, right?



    Someone came sitting next to her.
    “Hey, Hun…”
    Teary eyed, she looked up at him…
    Fumbling with her blouse, she pouted: “I’m so sowwy…”
    “It’s okay… Don’t you worry, babe…
    You did the right thing calling me… He’s gonna be fine…”

    Unimpressed, she glanced at him.
    “He was just in shock… Not your fault… You wanna see him? “
    She only nodded ‘yes’ drying her tears on her sleeve.
    “Shhhh” he laid a finger to his mouth.
    “He’s sound asleep now…”
    A smile did appear on her face as she glanced at him.
    Indeed, sound asleep with a drip of Saline ‘nourishing’ his tired body…
    “You can stay with him…
    It would be nice if he has someone when he awakes though… “
    Carol only nodded and then a thought hit her.

    “Can you please check on the kids? I left Diane there…”
    “Of course, I will… We’ll just take it from here, okay? “
    “Thanks Sir.”
    “Please call me Kenny… He’s in good hands now…
    Dr. Beechy is an old friend of mine. “
    She glanced at the sleeping beauty again.
    That was indeed in the nick of time…
    She never thought caring for a STAR would
    be so exhausting though…



    The Doc fell into the room and it startled her.
    “It’s okay” he assured her.
    “I’m just checking on his ‘booze’” he smiled.
    Once, he was satisfied, he left them in peace again …

    Morning broke…
    She stirred all crampy from sleeping all curled up in that recliner chair.
    She stretched and yawned unaware of those beautiful almond eyes
    loving what he saw.

    Then, her eye fell on him…
    She tried to straighten her blouse and her hair.
    “Morning Michael” she whispered.
    “Hey Babe” he sighed and he too stretched and
    made the cutest noises.
    “You feeling any better? “
    “Yeah, thanks, Cari” he vowed his hands together in a prayer sign.
    He made sure his ‘eating equipment’ remained in place though…
    “I’m sowwy, Michael… “
    Carol ‘Cari’ hung her head down.
    “What for, Hun? “

    “We almost killed yé… You had such a high fever and I don’t know
    what I would have done without Prince…”
    “As in my son? “ He wondered.
    “Yeah, I suck as nurse… I would have been giving an F cause
    I panicked in a crisis… What kind of idiot nurse am I, hey? “ She pouted.

    He tried to sit up with some muffled groans to go with.
    “Now, don’t be so hard on yourself… You’re not an idiot…
    I am… Look at me, I can’t even take care of myself… HUH… “
    he sighed and fiddled with his pajama bottoms
    all curled up now.



    “Good morning Carol, how is the patient doing? “
    The Doc strolled in.
    “Oh, you’re awake, Sir…” he acted startled.
    “Yeah, Beechy? “
    “Yep” he only answered.
    “Thanks, Doc.”
    “My pleasure…

    It was exactly Carol and Kenny who saved you
    by bringing you to me… “
    Michael glanced at the IV planted in his hand.
    “Does it hurt? “
    Michael only nodded ‘NO’ but
    did wonder if it had to stay in or not…
    “Well, that depends if you can eat or drink on your own now…”
    The Doc only stated.
    Michael only nodded again and sighed…
    He addressed him to Carol.

    “What now? “ He asked vulnerable.
    “I’ll see if I can make some breakfast for you…”
    he offered and dashed out of the room.
    “We’ll take it from here… is what Kenny said yesterday.
    I’m so chuffed we… Well, the Doc saved you…
    Now, don’t overdo it, okay…”
    Michael only nodded again and looked at her with
    those ‘puppy doe’ eyes that melted her heart.
    “How are the kids? “
    “Diane is with them and I asked Kenny to check upon them…”
    He only nodded again and yawned. He looked into her worried face.
    Tried to force a smile and then plunged his head on the pillow again…
    She rubbed her fingers over his forehead rearranging some curls
    he put back in… She noticed he was battling against the sand fairy…

    “Clouds in the sky… Soaring up so high”
    she sang to him and he was surely losing the battle closing his eyes…
    “Stay” was his only request.
    She took his hand and promised she wouldn’t never let go.


    “WHAT NOW”

    The Doc did drop by with a tray full of yummy goodies
    and noticed his famous patient asleep again…
    For an instant, he stood there ‘fixated’ and
    ‘cursing’ for the wasted breakfast and then glanced at her…

    “Enjoy breakfast… You can let it go to waste, can yé? “
    “Thanks, Doc…”
    “I’ll come back and change the fluid bag.
    He’s yet too weak to eat, right? “
    “I guess, he’s exhausted… He only asked me to stay…”
    He smiled as he now noticed how her hand was
    clutched in his free hand.
    “Splendid…” he only reacted and left again…

    Around noon, he stirred and woke up…
    Maybe, it was the divine smell of the lunch
    the Doc’s wife had made for Carol…
    She also got a stack of Mags to keep her sweet while
    she guarded the ‘sleeping beauty’…
    He blinked his eyes and was a little disorientated for a moment…
    Still sleep drunk, he stretched himself and
    saw how she was enjoying her lunch.
    It did look scrumptious…

    “Hey sweetie” she called to him.
    He only smiled as he sat up…
    “You want a taste… It’s really good…”
    He only nodded ‘yes’ and
    opened his mouth like little birdies do.
    She carefully guided some juicy chicken in…
    Indeed, it tasted like ‘heaven’ and once he swallowed,
    his mouth went wide open again.
    It made her chuckle what made him close his mouth again.
    “Open up” she insisted and he did.

    For some reason, he ‘trusted’ her. No, it was more than that!
    He loved her!
    Could he tell her without jinxing it?

    “Want some mash too? “
    He only opened his mouth while he blushed.
    Though, he refused the next serving.
    “I’m eating your lunch?” He spoke with regret.
    “Are you now? “
    He only looked at her lost for an answer somehow…
    “Don’t be silly… I’m still stuffed from breakfast…
    You should have seen what was all on that plate…”
    It made him smile.
    Was she all he ever wanted?


    “THE ONE”

    “A penny for your thoughts?” She snapped him out of his bliss.
    “I love you” he whispered.
    Kind of embarrassed, she replied: “I love you more…”
    “No, I mean it… I… “ he hesitated.
    Should he come clean about it now?
    What if she would chuckle about it?

    “Marry me” he spoke under his breath.
    She almost let her plate fall as it wobbled in her seat.
    Now, this was too good to be true, right?
    This was wishful thinking…
    Was he under the influence of meds in his IV or
    did he really mean it?

    “Please Carol… You’re the one…”
    “I… Yes, yes…” she spoke baffled as she held onto her heart.
    “You got me speechless…” she sighed.

    Then at the top of his head… He began to sing…
    “Speechless… that how you make me feel…
    when I’m with you… I’m far away and nothing is for real…”
    Her heart certainly skipped a beat or two now.
    Don’t chuckle… Yours would too…



    “Kenny? I wanna talk to Kenny”
    He declared when a minute of silence had passed.
    “Want me to call him? “
    “Yeah… You got his number? “ He frowned his eyebrows.
    “Of course, Honey” Carol only reacted.
    She placed the tray with the leftover food on the table and
    grabbed for it hidden in her jacket.

    While Michael was on the phone with Kenny,
    the Doc popped in and she whispered that he had eaten a little…
    That made the Doc smile of course and
    he only nodded trying not to disrupt the phone conversation…

    Michael said ‘goodbye’ to his friend and gave the phone back to her.
    She noticed something was eating him alive like
    an infesting bug wriggling and munching away all his energy…
    “I’m done… finished… I’m NO ONE now… ”
    he fretted as he let his head hang down.
    “You’re still Michael” she assured him.
    “NO…” he heaved his voice.
    “Did you know that they cancelled the tour? “

    Guilty, she glanced at him…
    “Did yé? “ He snapped.
    “Honey, you’re were so ill that we thought we were gonna loose you…”
    “Don’t honey me now…”
    he scolded her as he tried to free himself
    from the sheet and the blanket covering his body.
    “Is Kenny coming over? “
    “Yeah” he only replied.
    “Then where are you going? We just have to come up with a plan…”
    “Plan? I’m fed up with these plans”
    he murmured finally feeling the floor.
    He jerked on his IV line and she just unhooked
    the bag and gave it to him, instructing to keep it higher than him…
    “I know” he only reacted and jumped out of bed.
    He went a little through his knees.
    She wanted to support him but he shrugged her off…
    “I can still walk” he fretted. “I need the bathroom…”
    She showed him the bathroom and then
    left him in peace or was it in turmoil…
    How did he ever got here?
    How could he live without his fans?
    They were the reason why he coped with this life?
    I know, Carol is a fan…
    How could he disappoint them all?
    Was he too quick in promising her marriage?
    How would the fans take this?
    First I go missing…
    Second the tour is cancelled and then
    I would doom up with a fan claiming she’s gonna be my wife?
    What a screw up, hey!



    His mind went into overdrive as he stood there
    gawking at his reflection in the mirror…
    He looked tired, weathered out, his hair a mess all tangled up…

    “You okay in there? “
    She worried as it did seem he was too quiet in there.
    He returned with something he was holding in his hand.
    “Can you at least fix my hair, Carol? “
    He only asked and plunged down on the chair.
    “I don’t wanna look like a scarecrow when Kenny arrives.”
    “Sure, Michael” she shrugged.

    Talk about a daring task hey!
    He wriggled in and out of her touch and
    she hoped she wouldn’t sting the comb in his eye
    at the way he was pulling back whining about the pain.
    “That’s what you get when you want to have long hair, Michael”
    she only scolded him.
    He only sighed and insisted he wanted to keep it that way.
    Kenny popped in, he was pleased his friend was ‘up and about’
    cause it had been a close call indeed…

    “Hi Kenny”
    “Hello Michael… I see you’re feeling better again…”
    “Yeah, thanks Kenny…” he first answered.
    “What now? “ He asked seriously.
    “He came to his senses and he cancelled the tour
    cause I told him you were exhausted and besides…
    You’re still missing too…”
    “Am I? “
    He asked so strict that it made Ortega swallow.
    “Well, I see you’re doing better now…”
    Michael only let out a deep sigh, glancing at the IV in his hand…
    They did save him and
    all he did now was bellow at them…
    Not nice at all…

    “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I screwed up…”
    he hung his head down.
    “You did nothing wrong Michael? “
    In disbelieve, he looked up to Kenny and
    his heart bled to see him that vulnerable.
    “What am I gonna do now? I’m nothing without my fans…
    Do they even know I’m okay? ”
    His eyes welled up with tears.

    Ortega looked at Carol and for a moment
    they were lost for words too…
    Well, they never ask the ‘culprit’ how he feels, right?
    “You could give a statement and tell them you were ill and
    needed to heal… I’m sure they want to see you healthy and
    happy in the first place… “
    He did manage a smile through his eyes full of tears and
    some were even escaping the inferno…
    He quickly wiped them off with the sleeve of his shirt…
    Yep, he even insisted on being dressed too for this ‘meeting’.
    Men hey!
    “I first gotta see my kids…” he stated.
    “I’ll get the Doc and ask if you’re fit to leave? “
    A moment of unbearable silence fell…



    “I’m sorry, Carol… I do love you but…”
    he whispered as he didn’t dare to look up to her.
    “No need to explain… I understand, Michael”
    “You do? “
    He asked uncertain daring to look her in the eye now.
    “Yeah, you’re not the same man without your fans, right?
    I can’t rob you from that… I know, I’m a fan too but
    it’s what you do…
    You can’t just throw away your life like that and
    everything you fought for…”
    “Please forgive me…” he vowed his hands together.
    “I still wanna marry you… I still love you…
    I just got to think about my kids… I’m sure, they’ll miss me and
    I got to tell the fans I’m okay… I’m not…”
    he let out a deep sigh…
    “I’m not going back to the stage…
    I realize that it almost killed me and
    I can’t thank you enough for saving me from my doom…
    I’ll just have to plunge into movies now I guess
    to let the creative juices flow…”
    “Indeed” she smiled.

    The Doc strolled in and asked Michael all sorts of
    ‘stupid’ questions just to assess his condition and
    then he pulled out his IV setting him free.
    Life would never be the same though…

    Hidden in a oversized hooded sweater he got from Beechy,
    he took the daring step back into the world…
    The BIG BAD world.
    His kids, still staying at the Hallam hotel,
    were ecstatic to see their dad again and
    Diana and Grace relieved that Michael was ‘saved’ again…

    Then, came the moment of truth…
    Teary eyed and a little shaky,
    he sat there in his hotel room and
    Kenny was shooting this ‘speech’ like it
    was a holiday home video…
    It was plastered on every news show and
    even made it to ‘Breaking news’
    with the catchphrase:

    “Michael Jackson is saying his last goodbyes”
    or even
    “Michael Jackson is saying goodbye to the stage …
    He is eager to direct movies now”

    To Michael,
    it left a bitter sweet taste in his mouth…
    This was NOT how it was supposed to happen but hey,
    that’s life I guess…



    One fine day in July…
    Grace was so glad they were back in the States.
    Still, she couldn’t believe they pulled it off to leave
    the country in one piece.
    Press was swarming them with all sorts of idiotic questions
    taking pictures and shoving microphones and
    other devices almost up their nose just to get
    the latest tidbit of juice news out of them.
    WHY was he turning to Movies all of a sudden?
    WHY was the tour cut short? Was he tired of performing?
    Had he lost his Magic? Was he ill or even dying?
    He seemed so frail still the way he moved through
    the crowd protecting his daughter.
    Grace was protecting Blanket with all her life while
    Prince was guarded by a bodyguard.
    He just wanted to go home and be left in peace cause
    now the press only drowned his spirit claiming
    all these above assumptions.

    Well, one fact he had to face was, he was indeed worn out.
    Wouldn’t you be if they kept on pressuring you like that?
    All Michael focused on now was for everyone
    to get out there ‘save and sound’.

    Once, safely inside the private plane,
    he made sure he had a shoulder to lean on, a hug and
    even a loving word to everyone travelling with him.
    He was exactly the nicest Boss she ever worked for and
    she exactly considered him more as a ‘friend’ than
    as her Boss as she was the ‘nanny’ but
    taking care of those 3 kids was a blessing cause
    they were really well mannered.

    Though, she had seen Michael had been more ‘reclusive’ the last days.
    Even the kids had uttered their worry to her and
    she assured them, she’d look out for him.
    They had gone through enough mayhem the last months so…
    What she witnessed now,
    shell shocked her beyond belief…



    July 25…

    Carol had come on Grace urgent request.
    She didn’t really get a word out though only
    ramblings and sighing to get here ASAP.

    So worried, she hurried in to find Grace still on hyper drive.
    “It’s… Its… Michael” she only uttered out of breath.
    “Where is he then? “ Was the only thing she asked.

    Grace quickly led her to his bedroom that had a balcony and
    yep, she even got the shock of her life as
    Michael sat there on the railing with his legs swung
    over the abyss.
    Was he just relaxing or about to do something stupid?
    Could she call out to him?
    Nah, cause a startle or a gush of wind and he’ll be HIStory!

    So, she needed to open all her files of
    ‘how to deal with jumpers’ as they say!
    Grace thought she was gonna faint any moment now
    as what did she do now…
    She crawled over the railing too without saying a word and
    then only uttered under her breath:

    “Nice view hey? “
    He only nodded and sighed
    She spotted a hint of worry in his sigh and
    touch of loneliness in his body posture.
    “FINE” he heard someone bellow and
    it made his body shudder.

    Terrified, he peered into the abyss and right then and there,
    he felt someone push him back.
    He did land with his head on the balcony tiles and
    was disorientated for a moment.

    Then, he saw her caring face peering over him.
    “Baby! “ He called out scrambling to his feet.
    He hugged her wholeheartedly and
    she was taken quite by surprise.
    “Hey! “ She called out.



    Minutes laters…

    He let go of her.
    “Am I glad to see you! “ He cried out.
    “Ah, girl. How have you been? “
    “Okay and U? Enjoying the view there hey? “
    He only shrugged and hung his head down.
    “I know” she only nodded.
    “Can I cheer you up? “

    His eyes twinkled at her.
    She felt a little baffled and blushed at the way she said it
    but it did make him smile though.
    “Why don’t we go shopping? Buy some new exciting stuff! “
    His face changed into discomfort again and
    she saw tears were near.
    “Hey, it’s okay. You tell me what you wanna do and
    we’ll do it! “
    He strangled his hands together like
    a shy kid trying to be brave.
    “I can’t… I’m a loser… A quitter… My legacy is ruined…
    I’d better be off…” he swallowed his last word though
    as he glanced up at her ever so vulnerable.
    “You’ve been reading the tabloid, have yé? “
    She scolded him.
    Now, tears were running freely over his cheeks and
    it melted her heart to see him in turmoil like this.
    She motioned for him to come closer and
    she hugged him trying to calm him down.
    Oh no,
    she didn’t regret that they saved him but
    the aftermath is as important as the deed itself so…



    Meanwhile in the kitchen…
    He let her go cause his tummy had screamed to be fed.
    She had fretted at him if he had eaten anything yet.
    Ashamed, he had only nodded ‘NO’ and
    then she had insisted to cook him something ‘scrumptious’.
    So, there she was cooking and slaving over the stove.
    She had raided the fridge and indeed the gorgeous smells
    taunted his stomach on the verge of fainting any moment now.

    “Eat up before it gets cold, Michael”
    was the only thing she demanded when
    she served him Mac and cheese.
    He wasn’t used to be controlled like that but
    somehow he accepted her tone of voice.
    Was it cause he had fallen in love with her?
    Was it cause she managed to save him time and time again?
    ARGH, Love hey…

    “Isn’t it too hot? “ She asked while tucking in too.
    Well, she wasn’t really hungry but
    she thought if she enjoyed it then
    he would tempted to eat it too. She would do anything to
    make him eat. Yep, anything!
    He only nodded ‘NO’ with a mouthful.
    That was indeed the best Mac and cheese he ever ate.

    “You are eating? “
    She hollered at him and Michael almost choked.
    “Girl, I don’t know how you do it! What’s your secret?”
    Carol looked a bit offended now cause Michael was
    now indeed coughing turning all the colors of the rainbow.

    Instead of saying her peace to Grace, she aided Michael.
    It startled her too as she excused herself and
    lend him a glass of water.
    Of course, the magic glow was gone now and
    Carol only thanked her in a ‘sarcastically’ way.
    Then again, he had eaten a few spoons and
    she would save the rest for later.
    “You okay? “
    One last cough before he uttered a
    ‘YEASH’ and a ‘THANK YOU’.


    “ THE SECRET ”

    Meanwhile in the kitchen…
    “We all care for you though Grace has a weird way of showing it.”
    He only nodded and got up.
    “So, what ‘you wanna do now? “
    She boldly asked cause she knew what made him tick.
    He only shrugged.
    “If I’m bossing you around too much,
    you got to say STOP Michael, okay? “
    He only nodded again like he lost his voice somehow.
    “Please tell me, what’s bothering you, Hun? “
    He glanced around to see if no one would spoil
    this vulnerable moment.
    He knew he could trust her and
    she would never make a fool outta him.
    Was that the reason why he had fallen in love with her?

    Without saying a word,
    he left the kitchen feeling the scrumptious Mac and cheese
    starting WW3 in his stomach.
    He was a goner, right? Could he tell her that?
    Nah, she would only worry and he would hate that then.
    She tried to locate him.
    What an immense task in this huge house to find him.
    She could always tune in to his aura field that would ‘call’ her but
    I guess the ‘heartbreaking’ noise nearby was a dead giveaway.

    “Michael? “ She wondered.
    “Ah, Michael”
    she called out heartfelt as he sat there hanging with
    his head over the toilet pot and the once delicious meal now
    tasted gross as it shot out of him like
    an erupting volcano and ah man, it burnt like hell too.
    “Shall I phone a Doc or even get you to the hospital? “
    He nodded violently ‘NO’ between outbursts of puke
    though it was only slime now.

    “How long have you been skipping food? “
    He glanced at her like it was the most difficult question ever.
    “I’m not scolding you like Grace.
    Maybe you have a stomach infection of something?
    You should let it get checked, Michael.”

    Worn out, he uttered something like ‘let me be’.
    So, she headed for the door.
    NO, not abandoning him!
    She was gonna get help where ever she could!
    Could she call Kenny?
    “Stay… Stay…”
    he mumbled worn out just resting his tired body on
    the cold tile floor.
    “I need to call for help! “


    “ TLC ”

    Just lost somewhere…
    She came back with a guard and Grace.
    He looked like a ragdoll the way he sat there
    slumped in a corner of the bathroom but
    he did protest with all the energy he got left and
    Carol only assured him ‘it’ll be okay...’

    Nicely tucked in bed wearing freshly ironed pajamas,
    he lay there asleep cuddled in her arms.
    Grace did protest against it but Carol assured her
    it would be fine and he only needed some TLC
    which obviously he was NOT getting otherwise
    he wouldn’t be like this in the first place.

    With quilt written all over her face,
    she left the room to call WHO?
    Another ‘hit man’ quack? I don’t think so.
    Someone she vowed not to call.
    Who was left that could be trusted? Let’s see…



    Save in her arms…
    It did startle her a bit when the lady popped into the room.
    I guess, it was the only ‘alley’ still left if you didn’t include Kenny.

    “You must be Carol? I’m Debbie” she introduced herself.
    “Yes, Hi Debbie” she only uttered a little baffled cause
    Debbie was somehow like a hero to her.
    The nurse with all her ribbons and credentials and she…
    She quit her study’s cause Michael needed her.
    What was she? A fan Michael had fallen in love with, HUH...

    Right then and there,
    she realized she didn’t really save him as she always needed
    to call on other folks, right?

    It was like she saw all the turmoil and fear in her eyes
    when she kindly spoke that none of this was her own fault.
    It was just Michael, stubborn to the core!
    A quick check and she knew what was wrong!

    “Would you keep him nice and comfy for me?”
    “Yeash, ma’am” she only uttered and
    when she stroke his forehead, Michael did stir a little bit but
    gladly didn’t wake up.

    20 IDIOT


    Still save in her arms…
    It seemed like only minutes had passed by as she,
    the hero, strolled back in with a white haired guy in a black suit
    with matching tie. She introduced him as Dr. Metzger.
    He’s indeed ‘a white raven’ in the flock of quacks
    that swarmed around him for eons.
    It of course stirred Michael awake and
    startled he grabbed onto Carol with a glance of terror
    in his eyes as he locked eyes with her.

    “It’s okay” she tried to assure him though
    he felt that she was shaken up too.
    You would too if there was a man in a dark suit
    in your room nearing you with a needle!
    He said his “hello’s “ to them and continued his work,
    explaining Michael he needed that IV to pull through cause
    he was dehydrated again…

    ‘Why do I need to be saved again and again? ‘
    His mind fretted.
    ‘Cause those women care for you, you silly! ‘
    His heart cried back at him.

    20 SIGH


    Michael’s bedroom…

    “You’re Carol, right? “
    “Yeash, ma’am”
    “Okay, if you need to be somewhere? We’ll take it from here. “
    “No, I’m okay” Carol assured them kind of
    offended she was not wanted anymore.
    She still had Michael safely tucked in her grip and
    her heart melted on how he laid there so sound asleep.
    She was not intruding here or invading his privacy though.
    She was saving him from himself. Know what I mean?

    The days flew by and often Debbie and the Doc came
    to check him out. She was puzzled if Carol didn’t have a life and
    fretted that she shouldn’t really give up her own life for him.
    Michael was a grown man with own responsibilities and
    stuff going on but Carol wouldn’t give in and
    now claimed that she saved him before.

    Of course, she got the odd look and then the shrug as she left.
    Ah, love is indeed blind hey!
    “Thanks Cari” she heard him whisper.
    “It’s okay, Michael. Just get better okay and I’ll promise to heal you.”
    He snuggled his head in her belly and
    she only brushed her hands through his hair.
    Didn’t she have a life after all?
    NOPE, she was lost without him and so was he!
    “I’m sowwy, I tend to screw stuff up the whole time.”
    “What stuff? “
    He only shrugged.
    “I don’t mind. Get some sleep now okay! “
    It made him sigh. He snuggled and finally dozed off.
    There was no other place she’d rather would be then
    here making sure Michael was save.


    “ TOO CLINGY ”

    Back to life…

    I know that everyone around us started acting weird but
    honey, he chose me.
    They also fretted he was just a BIG kid. I thought you claimed
    he was a grown man with responsibilities and stuff!

    Ah well, Carol didn’t mind he was as clingy as a toddler
    sleeping in her arms. The fact was that… He was sleeping, period.
    She wondered why no one ever tried this trick but
    then again maybe Michael didn’t let them come so close.
    Why had I won the lot in this?
    I guess, it was simple really, he didn’t read it or
    saw this juicy bit spreading around the news.
    I’m sure that was the reason why...

    Since, he had almost a week of ‘natural’ sleep now,
    he claimed he was hungry so Carol made him breakfast
    quite to the dismay of Grace who fretted that was her job.
    She could have been cocky and scold her that she failed in it but…
    I’m not the one who likes to start ‘wars’, you know.

    Soon, too soon in Carol’s opinion,
    Michael was dancing again in this huge build in studio
    complete with dance floor and mirror walls.
    I admit, I loved to see him dancing but
    I worried that he would fall ill again cause
    indeed I had given up my life to save his.
    That’s love, right?

    ~ Copyright 2013 ~


    ‘ It’s better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation’

    _ Michael Jackson _

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