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Thread: TTTO 5: Reconnect

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    Lightbulb TTTO 5: Reconnect

    "TTTO 5: Reconnect"
    Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

    Okay, what about Michael's NEW LIFE now?
    How do you survive in Hollywood?
    Is there a way to reconnect with his beloved fans?
    Go with the flow on the 5th episode of “Take the talent out”


    This is still the FICTIONAL STORY! The BIG “WHAT IF” story
    that ‘helped’ me HEAL the sudden LOSS…
    Thanks, DAZ.


    “ STILL MJ ”

    Fire in his eyes…
    He knew how I, as in Carol, would react
    so abashed he asked me if he could go back to being
    Michael Jackson.

    I thought it was so sweet and it melted my heart.
    “Of course, you are still MJ, right? “
    He only shrugged and made a funny face.
    “I’m just… a little… you know”
    he hesitated strangling his hands together.
    “I know, sweetie. Want me to call Diane? “
    He thought for a moment and then only nodded.
    “You think they want me back? “
    He asked ever so innocently and his ‘puppy doe’ eyes
    melted my heart again and again.
    “Who? “ I asked like I didn’t have a clue.
    “My fans? The fans! “ he corrected.
    “I really hope I haven’t lost them now.”
    “Hey” I stroke his cheek and
    vulnerably he looked up to me.
    “No! “ I replied at first but I saw the doubt in his eyes.
    “Well, of course you always have the ones that fret
    about anything, right? I’m sure, your ‘loyal core’ still exist.”
    It only made him sigh though.

    I hated to see him in turmoil so I called Diana.
    She was honored Michael remembered her.
    No need to know that I recommended her to Michael, right?


    “ YEP AGAIN”

    Saved again...
    Well, Michael was glad to ‘reconnect’ with Diane again
    as she saved him from all these leeches too and
    she got the ‘blank’ card from him cause he trusted her, okay.
    It was time for the BIG come back.
    Yep, again!

    I know, he vowed it would be the final curtain call and all
    how creepy that sounded but he was NO ONE without his fans.
    He felt like Christmas tree weathering away on some junk yard.
    Unloved and abandoned and left to die!

    He was so proud of Carol and Diana.
    They were part of the MJ family he ‘raised’.
    While some only saw him as an PROMO stunt and an ATM,
    he felt they truly cared for him.
    That of course felt good and gave him to courage to shine again.

    During the meeting, Diana took out her laptop and
    insisted to discuss the comeback right now.
    Excited, Michael glared at the screen as
    she was creating an FB page called “ Reconnect”.
    It was an event for fans to ‘reconnect’ with Michael.
    Where had she been hiding all these years, hey?

    He had wasted millions on so called ‘professional’ PR peeps
    to only be left by a damaged career cause
    you know $$$ and power are tough to carry, hey.
    He didn’t dare to comment now but wow
    what a response and so many likes it got under a minute.
    Was it true what Carol claimed that the ‘core’ fans were still there?

    “Okay?” She only asked him.
    Michael didn’t dare to ask any ‘stupid’ questions so
    he only smiled and nodded for now.



    The MJ Fam he raised…
    Today was like the first day at Kindergarten cause
    he was bloody nervous,
    fretting at his shirt and checking if his hair wasn’t out of place.
    He was glad Carol was there by his side
    just to keep him ‘in check’.

    It was an event with MJ impersonators and stands with MJ stuff.
    During breaks his videos were shown on a huge screen.
    The ideal party for every fan from newbie to the fossil one.
    Michael was safely ‘tucked’ away on the highest balcony ever
    with Diana and Esther,
    yep the one with the frying pan remember,
    who figured as ‘bouncers’ checking out for any intruders.
    Everything was checked, the balcony, the exits, the food,
    the booze, nothing was left to chance and Michael
    of course felt blessed he was ‘protected’ like Royalty.
    They knew they always had to be on the lookout cause
    they realized Michael would always be
    an ‘easy target’ for any ‘sharks on the loose’ but
    so far so good.

    Michael really enjoyed himself and
    felt blessed to ‘reconnect’ with the fan base.
    He realized now that he didn’t have to ‘outdo’ himself to
    make them proud, they were already proud of him.

    Of course, he wanted to ‘present’ himself and
    he had learnt that speech by heart,
    fretting over every syllable almost driving Carol ‘buzurk’ over it.

    There he was, under the thunderous applause of the fans…
    NO, HIS FANS… The family he raised, remember?
    It seemed like time stood still and his soul soaked up
    every sparkle of love that was floating his way.
    He never realized he was so loved and
    it made him smile that much that his cheeks ached.

    Then, almost not ‘audible’ cause some fans would not stop
    their screeching and outpouring of love,
    he began to recite his learnt by heart speech.
    He was somehow glad the screeching didn’t stop cause
    he had forgotten whole chunks and
    no one fretted at it. Everyone was so elated
    he was there, save and sound.
    Was he really save and sound?

    That was a question that would always be ‘trivial’ but
    he knew that he now had 3 of the MOST dedicated fans ever
    to watch his back and besides all he felt now was

    Awww, he missed them really missed them and
    glad he could make them shine again as
    the hollering ‘I love yous’ and scandering of his name continued
    long after he was safely back on that balcony again.


    “2nd chance”

    On the phone...
    Carol should have known that Michael would be too excited
    to sleep now and NO,
    he didn't invite her to stay so she left for HOME now or
    just the place she 'owned' , HUH!

    Exactly, she was glad Michael was so excited about the event but
    then again WHY did she feel ‘out of place’ here in her own HOME.
    I guess she was already used to 'rocking' Michael asleep and
    felt a little confused that he didn't ask her to stay but
    she knew his mind was set on something else.

    All those thoughts clouding her mind while
    Michael was still babbling about how wonderful the event was and
    how loved he felt and that he wanted to do something in return.
    He would call Diane for a 'battle plan' to win the fans back and
    oh well, he was as excited as a kid that
    would go to Disneyland the next day.
    Anticipating what he would all venture.

    "Did I wake you Cari? "
    He suddenly asked as she wasn't sharing his enthusiasm.
    "It's okay, Michael. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself tonite."
    "But... I can feel there is a BUT... You can tell me? I know you"
    he insisted.
    "I just miss you" she only uttered.
    "Awwww" he reacted and then a thought hit him.
    "Indeed, where the hell are you, Babe?
    Why are we talking on the phone? "
    "Home" she only sighed.
    "Well, come over and we can discuss all the details of my battle plan."
    "Okay" Carol replied not really impressed cause
    she was indeed missing Michael and
    felt now so torn that she 'pushed' him into saying
    'awww, come over'.

    "You okay, Babe? "
    "Just tired, I guess."
    "Oh, I'll come and pick you up then" he yelled excited in the phone.
    "On your own? "
    "No, you silly! I'll just have to wake William, you know!"
    "You don't have to."
    "Well, I'm missing you too. What about that, hey? " He boldly spoke.
    "Besides, I'm not gonna sleep a wink if you're not by my side."
    Her heart melted like chocolate again at how he pronounced it.
    He was the sweetest man she'd ever laid eyes on, right?
    Well, he was Michael Jackson, you know!



    Moment Special…
    Before she realized it,
    her doorbell rang and fully dressed she opened it and
    met William, always smiling and saying his polite 'hello' to her.

    She replied with a 'HI' too and he opened the door for her.
    She crawled into the back seat and there he was totally dressed in black.
    His face hidden in his fedora but he did look up when the door opened.

    "Hi Babes" he called out to her.
    "Hi Michael"
    Michael nodded and the car set in motion for 'home'.

    William had taken the front seat.
    She had expected that Michael would set off to babble
    about his ventures he was so excited about but she noticed
    he was tired or was it the fact he was rubbing his left hand in his eye.

    Without a word spoken, he got rid off his fedora.
    His puppy doe eyes glared at her and
    Carol knew what he meant so she opened her left arm.
    He only smiled and cuddled himself against her breast.
    He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

    She knew this moment was too special for words or
    even irritation that she felt his bodyweight on her as
    he even laid his arm over her chest and his hand
    once squeezed her waist trying to assure she was real and
    not a figure of his imagination.
    She did try not to jerk out of his touch cause
    she felt he was falling asleep.
    You don't wanna know how he used to sleep before we met, duh.
    Carol saw William looking into the rear view mirror and
    he only winked at her.

    Cari was glad he accepted her what she can't say from
    certain other staff members but anyway...
    She caressed his hair and played with a few curls on
    his forehead like a mother would do to sooth her child.

    The girl, simply dressed in jeans and hooded sweater,
    felt he was drifting further and further asleep as
    his whole bodyweight came crashing upon her but NAH,
    she would never cast him off.
    She knew by now that was his 'new way to fall asleep' and
    she thanked God or whatever higher force that Michael chose her.
    Who would of thought that a fan would heal him hey?

    Anyway, we arrived at his place and
    Michael seemed so sound asleep that William offered to carry him.
    He wrapped him into a blanket to protect him from
    the cold night air and off we trotted into his mansion.

    He carefully laid him in bed and by wonder Michael hadn't woken nor
    stirred and it seemed to please William too cause
    he had many sleepless nights before trying to calm his Boss down.
    Why didn't they think of her hey?

    "Thanks William"
    the girl whispered and he only nodded and left.
    Michael was still wrapped in the white & black woven blanket and
    so sound asleep that it melted her heart again.

    Like lovers do,
    she cuddled herself against him too and
    drifted off into Neverland, hoping to meet him there.

    ~ Copyright 2013 ~

    ‘ It’s better to fail in Originality than to succeed in Imitation’

    _ Michael Jackson _

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