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Thread: Nipplegate Revisited: Why America Owes Janet Jackson an appology!

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    Default Re: Nipplegate Revisited: Why America Owes Janet Jackson an appology!

    I think one or two people on here have COMPLETELY missed the point! Even if the stunt was planned, which is highly probable, it does not excuse the way the American media treated her, in any way shape or form. And it is yet another example of racism and sexism in the industry. And nobody that I can see is blaming or criticising Justin Timberlake, only making fair comment on the very obvious way he was afforded preferential treatment in comparison to Janet. Again, that says more about the media and NFL than Justin. I like Justin Timberlake by the way, but I'm not gong to be niave to the fact that his sex and his color aforded him certain privilages. Fair enough if a person is not a Janet Jackson fan but please do not allow your prejudices to cloud your personal judgement as if to ascribe blame on her. That is simply not fair. For the record I'm a white man myself and I'm not "a person going after the bad white man JT over what he did to the poor defenceless black woman" but simply I'm commenting on what I see. As some one used the Madonna and Britney kiss as another example of publicity stunt, to a conservative person could be seen as every bit as vulgar as the revealing a breast because of its sole intention being To Shock, why were they not cut off from radio play and other media outlets? And again, I like Madonna, I like Britney, it's not about THEM it's about preferential treatment based on race, sex and possibly a persons last name. Without wanting to come across as a paroniod conspiracy theorest, I would also throw the argument that there was also a certain amount of "Jacksonism" involved.

    It's most certainly not a case of 'she planned it therefore she suffered the consequences! That's a complete cop-out to level dislike at a person for simply not liking or disagreeing with them. It also cheapens the very important point and conversation about this racism issue which some people just don't want to talk about because it's too uncomfortable for them. It's happening right now in America, in the UK and lots of other places.
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