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Thread: Where Did the Statuette Go?


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    Default Where Did the Statuette Go?

    It was a cloudy, yet a warm June day. In front of a Californian mansion, there was a van continuously loaded with various things. Children were playing in the garden, shouting all around.

    Latoya was carrying another box to the van. The driver was standing right there.

    "Could you do me a favour, please? The boxes that I drop on the ground should be thrown away. The stuff that should be stored, I will put it in the van."

    "Sure, madam."

    Latoya was returning to the house when she saw the children walking on the wall.

    "Hey, get off that fence! You don't want to fall on your face, do you?"

    "Auntie, we can do it! We can keep the balance!"

    "No, it's dangerous!"

    "Father taught us...!" They started crying.

    "Whatever," Latoya mumbled and went upstairs.

    There wasn't much left. She was standing in his office and examining it. Her eyes fell on a golden statuette.

    "Oh, this one! I have to save it!"

    She lifted the statuette and put it into a box. Indeed, it was heavy as hell.

    As she got out of the house and walked right towards the van, she heard a child screaming.

    "Oh my God!"

    She dropped the box and rushed towards the children.

    "What's happened?!"

    "Blanket fell down and hurt his arm!"

    "Show me."

    His elbow was reddish, but it didn't look serious. He could easily move his arm. It certainly wasn't broken.

    "Should be alright. Next time you obey me, OK? I don't want you to get hurt."

    She went back to the house and realised there was nothing left.

    "Fine, I guess everything is done now and we can take it to my Mum's!"

    She came back for the children.

    "Hey, it's done! We'll go to grandma's and leave the stuff there. And when I'm done with unpacking the boxes, granny will be back. Just be careful and don't do anything risky this time, will you promise me?"

    Children nodded.

    "Alright, let's go! Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything here!"
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