I was watching the AMAs with one half of one eye last night (show and music just isn't like it used to be) for 3 reasons-Tracee Ellis Ross, see if Bruno Mars won everything, and of course, Diana finally getting her Lifetime Achievement Award.

And yes, Bruno won 7 out of 8 nominations-YES!!!

The very best part of the night for me was when Tracee walked out and I just screamed-she was wearing Diana's suit from the 198l Diana special with Michael. Michael went on to wear that shirt to Motown 25 and moonwalked in it and made history, and for YEARS I've been wondering what happened to Diana's matching shirt. Tracee announced that she found it in the garage! I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Such a thrill.

And Diana was gorgeous and so was her family and her little grandson stole the show at the end by being a little "dancing machine."

Seeing Tracee wear this was just the thrill I've been waiting for.