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Paris is not taking no ďhigh roadĒ itís Paris obsessive need for her to address every taboild rumor Ď or comment on social media she didnít need to address nothing the story came from radoronline enough said Just like she didnít need to address why she wasnít at the billboard music awards .Janet doesnít comment on taboild stories unless itís clearly libel she doesnít live her life on social media. Paris needs to learn to let some stuff go taboilds are going to be tabloids
"Obsessive need" is strong language. I don't see anything obsessive on her time line. At least we have one Jackson who DOESN'T ignore (or contribute to) these tabloid stories, or give them a free pass, as usual. If it's a story or rumour that concerns HER, Paris has more right than anyone else does, to say something about it. It's easy for us to say that she doesn't have to address these stories, but we're not the ones having rubbish printed about us and our lives and our families. I'm glad that she speaks up and doesn't take any crap and I think she is mostly selective and restrained when she does it. More power to her. Meanwhile, we have Uncle Tito giving out interviews and referring to Joe Jackson as the best father in the world. Go figure.