So if y'all don't remember I did edit a few things for what could have been a Dangerous 25 release. Last night I spotted the cover reposted by somebody with a really terrible recolor of my original graphic. So I decided with my more superior graphic skills now to re-edit what I did before and re-imagine the concept of what potential D25 could have offered. Originally I planned on a two (three?) disc set with a DVD featuring all of the music videos as well as a five-DVD boxed set of Dangerous Tour concerts. With this updated version,I turned that fantasy concept into something that seems a lot more realistic,which is a remastering of the Dangerous album,a second disc featuring the unreleased songs (Man In Black being included as the only unreleased track not available at all,otherwise every other track we've heard for years),and the third CD and the companion DVD being the premiere Dangerous Tour concert in Munich. I view this concept as something that would have been doable by The Estate if they actually cared to listen to the fans and what we want instead of the b.s. they've been churning out after the Xscape album (hello Broadway show we didn't ask for). I also thought about different graphics that could have been done for products like shirts and hoodies and other stuff but I felt it was a little too extra for my liking (shocking). I also want to point out that yes the front cover is exactly like the HIStory cover except with an actual image of Michael and not a statue,but I love the pose Michael was doing in that picture and it exudes the badness Michael showed on stage.

Bonus: I also made a single cover for Someone Put Your Hand Out because while the official cover is a nice cover,I still think it's extremely basic for what it could have actually been. So I took the liberty of making a single cover. Yes I know the image is a Bad era image,but I thought that it fit with the title of the song and I don't really know if there's any photo shoot images of Michael from the Dangerous era with the pose I ended up choosing for this album cover (correct me if I'm wrong and if there is please PM me with a high-res version of it and I'll redo the cover with that image instead)

I want to point out too that I do not give out watermark-free versions of my graphics anymore. Since I've had so many edits of mine stolen without credit I've taken the liberty of watermarking everything I do now with a distinctive watermark and I place them where they can't be removed easily. If you would like a watermark free version of anything I've posted please contact me via PM and we'll work something out.