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Thread: Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

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    Default Re: Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    Quote Originally Posted by StellaJackson View Post

    Faking Michael is an investigative podcast series detailing the 8-year quest for the truth about a collection of 12 allegedly-fake Michael Jackson songs. The songs, known as the Cascio tracks, were sold to Sony by Jackson’s longtime friend, music producer Eddie Cascio, and his collaborative partner, James Porte, in mid 2010 — a year after the singer’s sudden death. Upon hearing them, members of the Jackson family, a number of producers who worked with Michael throughout his career, and thousands of fans around the world accused Cascio and Porte of fraud, insisting that the songs were fakes — sung not by Jackson, but by an impersonator. Undeterred by the controversy, Jackson’s estate and record label insisted the vocals were authentic, officially attributing the Cascio tracks to the King of Pop when three of them were released by Epic Records on the Michael album in December 2010. But strong doubts regarding the authenticity of the tracks remain.
    so nothing happened?

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    Default Re: Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    "Whether or not these are Michael Jacksons vocals is irrelevant, if its non-commercial speak we win, its over" - Michael Jackson Estate Lawyer. This is such a disgrace and its unbelievable this is allowed to go on so many levels. Absolute madness.
    Sony wins Fake Michael Jackson Recording Claims for Second Time.

    "For a second time, Sony Music beat claims in California state court that it deceived customers about whether some tracks on a posthumous Michael Jackson album were sung by Jackson.

    The Court of Appeal of California affirmed Jan. 8 that Sony’s statements were still protected under state law following a relevant California Supreme Court opinion published after its initial ruling.

    Vera Serova, the Michael Jackson Fan that took the Estate & Sony to court over the 3 fake songs [“Breaking News”, “Monster” & “Keep your Head Up”] has again lost her appeal to prove wrong doing from Sony Music in the promotion of the album “Michael” released in 2010.

    Sony, the Estate of Michael J. Jackson, and MJJ Productions appealed from the superior court’s order partially denying their motion to strike under the anti-SLAPP statute. Plaintiff alleged that defendants marketed a posthumous Michael Jackson album in violation of the Unfair Competition Law (UCL) and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA). Plaintiff also brought a fraud claim against the Cascio Defendants, alleging that they knowingly misrepresented to defendants that Jackson was the lead singer on the three tracks at issue.

    Upon reconsideration in light of Inc. v. Double Verify Inc. (2019) 7 Cal.5th 133, the Court of Appeal held that its prior opinion was correct. In the prior opinion, the court held that plaintiff’s claims against defendants arose from conduct furthering defendants’ right of free speech in connection with a public issue, and that plaintiff did not show a probability that her claims under the UCL and the CLRA would succeed because the claims concern noncommercial speech that is not actionable under those statutes.

    The court largely adopted the prior opinion, except that it revised the discussion of the first step of the anti-SLAPP procedure to take into account the FilmOn decision and its application to the circumstances of this case. The court held that defendants’ challenged statements were sufficiently connected to an issue of public interest to warrant anti-SLAPP protection. In this case, the representations that plaintiff challenged did not simply promote sale of the album, but also stated a position on a disputed issue of public interest."
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    Default Re: Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    Well this is crazy. the songs are clearly fake. those songs really need to be removed. it's been almost 10 years since this album been release and they still haven't been remove? how the heck did they win? what up with Michael estate? ugh. it's sad this stuff still going on and Michael isn't even here anymore. it's like everybody screwing Michael over. ugh.

    all they need to do is to remove the fake songs and move on with our lives. why is that so hard? ugh.

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