I edited this video quite quickly yesterday because I really didn't plan to make a video in general until a couple days ago. I'm certainly not the first person who edited a video to this song by Beyonce but I still wanted to use it anyways because the lyrics definitely summarize Michael's life and career,even though Beyonce and Diane Warren (the songwriter) didn't do this as a tribute to Michael when Beyonce released it on her 4 album back in 2011. I have two separate watermarks because they're on both of my channels,with the link shared being from my first channel where I share materials that have just leaked or my own edited things. My second channel Danny Fandom is my personal channel where my thoughts on things involving my favorite musicians are shared,as well as glimpses into my personal life and makeup/costume tutorials.
Danny Fandom channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-v...QyGXw7sZBVN_zA

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