The subject matter in this video and song is very serious. It tackles the subject of domestic and spousal abuse. If this triggers you in any way,I do not recommend you watch this video.

My original plan with tackling the subject of abuse (since it's a very prevalent topic that needs to be discussed) was to make a long mini-movie with Aaliyah's songs "Never No More" and "I Refuse" from her Red album (2001). However,I couldn't really think of a way to edit the video in the way it should be edited,so I scrapped the project. A little while later I thought of editing a video to Janet's "What About",which is a raw and unfiltered version of the Aaliyah songs I mentioned previously. So I edited this together in a matter of a day. However,the first two renders I was not satisfied with because the syncing of the Janet clips I used with the song did not match what I had in mind,so with more tweaking I rendered it for a third time,which is the result of that third render. For those who are suffering at the hands of abuse,I implore you to please contact your local authorities or domestic abuse hotline. Nobody should suffer at the hands of a loved one under any circumstances.