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Thread: What are your favorite early Humantarian-/ Serious Themes Songs fom MJ/The Jacksons

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    Default What are your favorite early Humantarian-/ Serious Themes Songs fom MJ/The Jacksons?

    I will list all songs you can choose cause they are mostly not very famous and I think they all deserves it to get mention somewhere and should not be forgotten with MJs early statemant in ear "Whatever I sing, this is what I really mean. I don't sing it if I don't mean it."
    For me MJ was a Humatarian since he was little not since "We are the world" and these songs showing it.

    The list is sorted after recoding dates and all are recorded before Thriller:

    01. The Young Folkes - J5
    02. Listen I'll Tell You How - J5
    03. Give Love on Christmas Day - J5
    04. Someday At Christmas - J5
    05. Keep n' Eye - J5
    06. Ben - MJ
    07. Peole makes the world go round - MJ
    08. Everybody's Somebody's Fool - MJ
    09. In Our Small way - MJ
    10. Children Of The Light - J5
    11. When I come of Age - MJ
    12. I'll Try You'll Try (Maybe We'll All Get By) - J5
    13. To Make My Father Proud - MJ
    14. If N' I Was God - MJ
    15. It's Too Late To Change The Time - J5
    16. The Eternal Light - J5
    17. I am Love - J5
    18. Show You the Way to Go - TJ
    19. Strengh of One Man - TJ
    20. Living Together - TJ
    21. Man of War - TJ
    22. Destiny - TJ
    23. Bess his Soul - TJ
    24. Thats's what you Get (For Being Polite) - TJ
    25. Can You Feel It - TJ

    EDIT: I have add "You've got a friend" to the list. I think the song is very true and honest when we think about what great and amzing friend MJ was to a lot of people. Someone you can go with trough thick and thin.

    You can choose five (or more) songs as your favorites.

    You can listen to all of this songs at the begining of this (my) Collection:
    (I hope its ok that three songs are not there in their original versions. I choosed versions who makes the songs more serious)
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