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Thread: Poll: Your favorite Motown MJ Solo Album & Jackson 5 Albums

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    Default Poll: Your favorite Motown MJ Solo Album & Jackson 5 Albums

    Hello Fans!
    More Motownera and 70ies related Polls near to the 50th Birthday of "I want you back", the first and next 2/3 Jackson 5 Albums.

    You can choose only Motown Albums but with "Farwell my Summerlove".

    My favorite Jackson 5 Album is "Skywhriter". For me the album is very special and different from all the other Jackson 5/ The Jacksons and MJ albums from its sound. It is the only album with MJ which has a main theme you can hear and feel in every track. (By some tracks its a little bit difficult to feel the flying theme but with a little bit fantasy its possible.)
    I think my favorites from this albums are:
    Skywhriter, Corner of the sky, The Boggie Man, Uppermost I'd love to be with you but I love every track of the album very much!
    The album didn't deserves it to be so much underreated.

    By the MJ solo Albums is it difficult for me to choose between "Got to be there" and "Ben".
    I know "Ben" is the most typical MJ Album of the Motownera because it has some songs with a deeper serious meaning and indeed it includes MJs first solo Humantarian songs.
    But I like it more to listen to "Got to be there" so its my No. 1.
    My favorties from this album are: Rokin' Robin, I wanna be where you are, Maria and Ain't no sunshine.

    When you have much more knowlage you can also choose your favorite J5 combilation Album with "unrelesed" songs.
    There are 5:
    Joyful Judebox Music
    I want you back: Unrelesed Masters
    Come amd Get It: The Rare Perles

    For me it is "Soulsations" I like the unrelesed matirial of this album very much.
    In this album are with " Jamie" & "Lulu" two beatiful songs hidden which should be MJ solo songs cause you can't hear the brothers singing in the backround.

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    Default Re: Poll: Your favorite Motown MJ Solo Album & Jackson 5 Albums

    Jackson 5 album: Get it Together: funky stuff, love how "you need love like I do" gets mixed in with "dancing machine".
    Jacksons: Destiny: Should get the status of Off the Wall. Shake your Body outro is funky s hell, probably my fave MJ track
    MJ Motown: Forever Michael: One day in your life, we're almost there and we've got forever are among my all time favorite songs
    MJ adult: Dangerous: first ever album I bought, love the sound. Favorite album of all time.


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