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Thread: I'M NEW HERE: I already post this on another thread but i feel it need to said by it's self.

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    Post I'M NEW HERE: I already post this on another thread but i feel it need to said by it's self.

    Hello! i'm new here! i'm not gonna give out my real name because i'm not that type of person who give out my real name on the internet only i know you personally.

    I been an MJ fan about almost 20 years. i didn't found MJ my own i found MJ from my mother who is also a MJ fan for almost 40 years. i wouldn't say i'm a MJ expert BUT she is! she been rocking with mike her whole life since she was a child. she was there with him the Thriller era and when he first moonwalked on stage on Motown 25. she wasn't really around the Off The Wall era because she was born year before it was release. so her era would mostly be the Thriller era she loves Michael so much. she was one those fans who put Michael posters on her walls. hahahaha.

    she support things that Michael supports. when my mother was a child her mother which is my grandmother (may she r.i.p bless her.) she use to always buy my mother MJ stuff. Michael is my mom first love. and i find that totally adorable.

    when i was little she use to always play Michael music around me and tell everything about him. like "why his skin was white." i didn't realize years later that she raise me to become a Soldiers Of L.O.V.E or some people called it Moonwalker except Michael didn't like that name. i would say i "hate" my mom for making me one.

    Michael has a lot of songs i like from him. my mom favorite is Human Nature. i like Smooth Criminal. which explains my username.

    Michael is basically apart of our family when a MJ song comes on you have to turn it up for my mom. if my mom made a playlist is would be mostly some MJ songs. i got that from her because that's how my playlist is. i basically call Michael my stepfather because when you think about he kind of is.

    when Michael passed the whole family called her. she cried for days like a baby. it had to be one of the saddest days in history for every MJ fan. i was sad and shock too. but my mom. you get the idea. me and her will never forget that day. she even remembers ever details that happen on that day. it's really break my heart.

    i joined this site because not only i like MJ and been fan for almost 20 years while my mom has for almost 40 years but because all the stuff that been going on for the past month now. i find sick that almost 10 years after Michael passing that their digging up lies and old info that been already been taken care of. what they doing is disgusting. i really hope all of this will be put to rest soon because it's tiring,stupid,stressful, and doesn't make any sense at all. the truth seem to be coming out and we are winning. my mom says that in her heart that Michael would never do anything like that. and i agree with her. people need to look at the facts instead looking at the media which is a bunch of lies just like Michael said alot of times. Michael is innocent and always was. everyone has their own opinions but true fans know Michael was sweet kindhearted man who deal with a lot in his whole life. nobody saying if Michael did do a crime he shouldn't get in trouble for it because we not saying that. we just saying Michael is innocent and he never did anything. the only crime he did was having a big heart and helping the world. which he did do.

    i should say i proud to be apart of this community or like Michael calls it his family and i'm very glad my mom raise me with him. i'm not sure what i will doing on this site. probably make some friendships with other MJ fans and maybe write some fanfiction, drawings, etc.

    i should point out my mom doesn't use social media. i use social media the most but i'm not the very active type. so i guess you can say i share this account with her if you look at the username just she won't use this account at all.

    i should also point out i'm a person with depression and mental delays so somethings i don't understand get confused and upset easily so please be patience and easy on me.

    and that's about it for now. see you around,

    ��and they say why, why, tell them that's it's human nature.��,
    ��you hit by, you been stuck by, a smooth criminal! ow!��

    PS: i should also point out my mom has many pictures of Michael too. stuff she had since she was a child. it's so adorable. Michael will always be her first love. ^_^

    PSS: i'm not sure what's my favorite era is. all Michael eras were great but if had to choose it probably would be the Thriller BAD eras. it's something about those two eras that will always a big thing in Michael career. you also count Off The Wall and ones when he was with his brothers. but you get what i'm saying.

    PSSS:i have some favorite Michael outfits but my favorite has to be his Smooth Criminal outfit. it's something about Michael in suits and his "gangsters" outfits i like about him. i don't know. i guess cause he look pretty sharp in them.
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    a female with depression and mental delays

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    Default Re: I'M NEW HERE: I already post this on another thread but i feel it need to said by it's self.

    Hello welcome to the forum :wave:

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    Default Re: I'M NEW HERE: I already post this on another thread but i feel it need to said by it's self.


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