I don't know if this was put in the right section or not but I have a few questions.

I am listening to the MJ Innocent Project video live stream from a couple of days ago. They are talking about June and Michael and how they believe something (romantic or sexual) was going on between them. I never saw these photos they say are out there that shows MJ was actually closer to June than to Jordi.

What are your thoughts and why? If any of you have those photos they are referring to - can you post them in this thread so I can see why they have this theory?

If they were involved - wouldn't have Messareu crossed-examined her and brought this up to discredit her since she took the stand against MJ? Am I getting that wrong? Wouldn't have MJ told his lawyers she would have a reason to lie since they once had a thing (even though she was married to Dave at the time?) Do you think MJ wouldn't want that to come out in court to protect his image of being with a married woman?