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Thread: Fundraiser for Liberace Foundation, for exhibit at the 'Thriller Villa'

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    Default Fundraiser for Liberace Foundation, for exhibit at the 'Thriller Villa'

    Posted in this section (Trials and Tribs.) because of previous tabloid stories relating to Thorson).
    This fundraiser seems to date from 2015, and is now closed. It didn't seem to get much backing.

    I've never heard before that MJ kept his art collection in Vegas. His own drawings were supposedly kept at the studio near the airport at Santa Monica, where Livingstone-Strong worked.

    The Liberace Museum Collection is on the move
    Elton John, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga. The top recording artists of the past 40 years credit Liberace as inspiration, catalyst, Mr. Showmanship. His name is mentioned over 3 million times on the internet. "Liberace" is named in the lyrics of well over 1,000 songs spanning 60 years, across all genres.

    The Foundation started by Liberace himself in 1976 closed its famed museum five years ago, citing top-heavy expenses and an outdated and outmoded facility. In the past two years, new leadership has taken over and brought the Liberace brand back to a position of prominence in society and pop culture.
    The Liberace Museum Collection has contributed to film, stage and other museum productions with unprecedented success. A multi-million dollar Liberace show in hologram, licensed by the Liberace Foundation and in production, has been in the national press

    A massive restructuring since 2013 put the organization on much more solid financial and policy footing. In the mean time, the Liberace Museum Collection has grown larger by more acquisitions of artifacts, and is now so vast it has never been seen at any one location, ever.

    Now, a major donor has contributed an extraordinary facility to store much of the Liberace Museum Collection, and to house an exhibit more elaborate than any ever previously offered. It will include the most famous stage costumes, jewelry, pianos of both the stage and rare antique types, mansion furnishings, fine art, fine china, crystal, chandeliers, candelabras, historic original documents, awards, correspondence, photos and more, all orchestrated by Liberace Foundation archivists in a private tour de force of the 6-decade career of Liberace. Special invited guests of the Liberace Foundation, including Foundation members, exhibit venue owners, brand licensee candidates, and contributors to this campaign will be invited by the property owner to tour the exhibit, in support of the Foundation. The exhibit will not be open to the general public.

    As were many other entertainers, Michael Jackson was a friend of Liberace's. The influence of the King of Bling on the King of Pop is apparent in the costuming and showmanship techniques of Michael Jackson beginning in the late 1980's. This will be apparent in the photos from the era, within the exhibit.

    Now, the most extraordinary of Liberace Museum Collection exhibits is being constructed in the massive, mysterious Subterranean Artists Vault at Thriller Villa, the former Las Vegas home of Michael Jackson. This is the underground keep where Jackson kept his legendary billion-dollar art collection, until his death in 2009.
    Why the Liberace Foundation is a great investment, and how we feel we've earned it

    We are NOT asking you for money to pay ourselves. We are NOT seeking funds to spend in salaries or overhead. These funds will be invested directly in development of the exhibit, completed at deep discounts, due in part to the donation of significant amounts of time by our renowned designers, and the donations of many thousands of dollars in rent by the owner of Thriller Villa. Exhibiting here will not only cut our expenses by eliminating storage rent, it will also provide a spectacular and private venue for VIP supporters, brand licensees, Foundation members and other supporters to see the collection in all its glory, in private visits. The intention is to bring about more public exhibitions by inviting key decision makers and financial supporters of the Foundation to experience the Collection first hand. Donations paid by viewers will also support this initiative.

    Since February 2014, the Liberace Foundation has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy virtually debt free, while re-structuring its business model to reduce its overhead by over $250,000 annually, to an all-time low of under $50,000 per year. At the same time, we have increased our income by over $120,000 through sponsored exhibits and brand licensing. While we were at it, we have exploded our online and interactive presence, and flooded across the pages of the national press.
    Now, the Foundation is in the enviable position of having
    NO RENT - This venue will not cost us any rent whatsoever, and will house the bulk of the Liberace Museum Collection
    NO SALARIES - Our Board is now unpaid, and our staff is hourly
    NO DEBT - We have eliminated virtually all long-term debt
    GREATER EXPERTISE - Rather than one or two curators on staff, we now three trained archivists who are recent graduates of UNLV, plus a business graduate, all augmented by a stable of world-renowned curators, archivists, historians and veterans of Liberace's own show, serving as volunteers and directing exhibits, as members of our Advisory Board

    OPTIMUM LOCATION - The new exhibit is scheduled to occupy the space for the next year, where it will enjoy perfect temperature conditions and the best in security, while providing a private environment for high-profile or celebrity supporters to visit without concern.

    NEW PRODUCTIONS AND BRAND LICENSING - The venue allows the perfect opportunity to invite show production and brand licensing partners to continue our expansions in those and other markets.

    Our business model is to continue to utlize the Liberace Collections and brand licensing to generate all operating income. We will seek funds from donors only for our scholarship endowment fund (never to be spent on overhead or expenses), and for specific, defined projects such as this. In short, this Foundation has tremendous earning power which your contribution will help us to permanently establish for the benefit of students of the performing and creative arts. Everything is in place. Its your turn to take the stage.

    With your help, we will remain debt free. The income generated by donations will continue the scholarships and grants program which have placed over $6 million in the hands of students of the performing and creative arts, at over 100 universities, over the past 30 years.

    Take a look at our video which includes a peek at the level of care provided by the archivists of the Liberace Museum Collection
    The perks we have arranged are completely unique. They include the last runs of items never again to be licensed or sold by the Foundation or museum gift shops. These are truly collectors items. Substantial donors will also enjoy naming opportunities for certain exhibit rooms during this exhibition, and ability to utilize Thriller Villa for your own events. We have put significant thought and effort into the perks to make them of sort that money alone truly cannot buy.

    Your Impact Assured
    Donations and event sales at this exhibit will support the Foundation and its missions as defined by Liberace himself. Your generosity secures our existing earning power so that it can provide scholarships, grants and performance venues for students of the creative and performing arts.
    We are a virtually debt-free foundation with no salaried employees and no rent overhead at this, our largest location
    Funds raised will not be spent on overhead such as rent or salaries
    Funds management by Nevada Trust Company
    Brand management legal is handled by Brownstein Hyatt
    Public relations by Vox Solid

    “Still Sparkling: What’s Next for Liberace’s Diamond-Studded Legacy?” by Kristen Peterson, The Las Vegas Weekly, July 24, 2014
    “Liberace Jewels on Display” FOX 5 Las Vegas, June 27, 2014
    “Liberace Museum Back From The Dead?” by Outtraveler Editors, Out Traveler Magazine, June 26, 2014
    “Liberace’s Legendary Car Collection May Soon Come Out of the Closet” by Neal Broverman, Los Angeles Magazine, June 23, 2014
    “Liberace is going back on tour…as a hologram“ –, Jan. 18, 2015
    “Hologram-like Liberace to appear in Las Vegas Show” – Hollywood Reporter, Dec. 18, 2014
    “Liberace hologram to tour world“ – Rolling Stone, Dec. 19, 2014
    “Restoration Neon” produced by Matt Christensen, PBS Las Vegas, October 27, 2014

    Extravaganza Tour for 1
    $150 USD
    Enjoy a private tour for 1 of Thriller Villa and the Liberace exhibit in the Subterranean Artists Vault, and pick up your individualized copy of Liberace Extravaganza, the book which is the definitive source on the art of costume of Liberace, signed to you personally by Anna Nateece herself, Liberace's fur costume designer. An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to Madame Nateece, who was also Royal Couturier to Queen Fredericka of Greece, as well as many others. (1 book per perk)
    Estimated Shipping
    October 2015
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