Burlington Elementary School in Ohio has created a Living Wax Museum to push students to research on historical individuals throughout history.

For the past four years, teachers Mary Matney, Amanda Clay and Courtney Tibbets have been organizing the event, which was toured by all grades at the school in the morning.

Students choose their own characters and do research on them, then strike a pose in costume for the presentation.
Some included props, such as Amelia Earhart in her plane, or Dr. Seuss with several of his books.

Characters included U.S. presidents, like Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump; along with first lady Jackie Kennedy.

Athletes featured included Jackie Robinson, Mary Lou Retton and Ronda Rowsey, while Michael Jackson, Judy Garland, Elvis and Johnny Cash were among the entertainers in the exhibit.

“We had some new characters this year,” Matney said. “Like Pope Francis.”

While some of those featured were repeat favorites, the teachers said many of them were the best versions they had seen yet.
In addition to the school day presentation, the students put on the exhibit in the evening for parents, where they also did an oral report on their characters.

Glad to see that Michael Jackson is again on display this year!

Well done to all the kids who participated and it is just amazing to see Michael Jackson is studied in second grade!

See you next year!