Practically every single musical artist/group (even other celebrities not in the music industry) has some sort of name for their collective fanbase: e.g. Beliebers, the Beyhive, Directioners, Little Monsters, etc. This is a trend that I've personally only seen happening within the last 10-15 years. Only in recent years, especially since his death, I've never actually heard of any sort of "official" name for MJ fans until the term "Moonwalkers" has been floating around in the last few years.

I've always considered Michael Jackson fans as, well, Michael Jackson fans. In my opinion, having a "catchy" nickname just makes us sound like some sort of crazy cult; it just doesn't feel right to me. Besides, to my knowledge Michael himself always called his fans "fans", not some buzzword-y nickname like "moonwalkers".

If you guys prefer to call yourselves "moonwalkers" or whatever, I don't mind. I just personally feel like one buzzword does not capture what we are. After all, the TRUE fans of Michael Jackson absolutely go above and beyond what it means to be a fan of a pop star. People like us came from all over the planet stood in front of that Santa Barbara courthouse every single day in 2005 to show how much we loved him and appreciated him. You don't see Chris Brown's fans doing that...

I just want to hear the opinions of everyone else on this matter: do you guys like to call yourselves "moonwalkers"? Do you have any alternative nicknames you like to call the MJ fanbase? Please feel free to let me know.