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Thread: Michael Jackson changed me


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    Default Michael Jackson changed me

    He did changed me. The night he died I was 16 years old (been a fan since the age of 5) watching tv and suddenly the news of his dead hit the screen. I didn't cry and stood Frozen, felt nothing. Then, the morning came and the first thing I saw on the TV was The way you make me feel, followed by the news discussing how he died, why he died, tributes, etc. Then it hit me, he wasnt here anymore. I cried and cried for months. Even my mother said to me: "Get out of the house, go take a walk cause you are obsesed. He died" (my mim loves him too) When I went to school in september my friends said I changed and I really did. I didn't want to be in school, I just wanted to be in my house surrounded by my MJ things, because I felt closer to him, it was like he was there.
    As the years went by I started to feel better, I started to smile and not crying as much, because I even cried watching thriller. I said he changed me because he made me want to achieve things, have goals. And so I went to college and I'm a historian. I owe that to him, because I was Lost and he helped me find myself. He made me feel it was possible for me to try to have a better life.
    I never saw him, never. He came to my country (Portugal) only once in october I think of 1992 and two months after that i was born. Ironically I turned one year old in 1993 on december 22, when he made that announcement live from Neverland.
    So I just wanted to say that he made who I am today and I'm proud for living 16 years in a world where Michael Jackson lived, even though I really really wish he could be here today.
    I love you Michael and I will always hold your hand.
    Sorry for the long post!!!

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