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Thread: How would new MJ music sound in 2019/ the 2020s?

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    Default Re: How would new MJ music sound in 2019/ the 2020s?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikky Dee View Post
    There are a lot of "IFS" in those musings!

    I think he'd stick with the formula that worked for him and would follow his roots....POP, R & B, etc. Romantic ballads, similar to Beautiful Girl, One More Chance, Fall Again, Break of Dawn, Whatever Happens would be forthcoming and I think he would continue to collaborate with young, up and coming artists, writers and producers. He wanted to work with Lady Ga Ga, for example.

    The classical album that he dreamed of doing might become a reality and I can also envisage him working on movie soundtracks, as a way of tapping into that genre, once and for all. I would hope that his age wouldn't mean the end of the edgy, angry rock songs, with some raspy vocals.....but perhaps it would. Maybe he'd start to do the unplugged, acoustic versions of his songs that some of us dream about.

    Ultimately, though, I don't think we would have seen too many more albums from Michael, had he lived. Considering that he left years between albums during his life time as it was, I think maybe we would have one more....two at the most, before he moved onto something else. I think he would have concentrated on his children's lives and where they were headed, as time moved on.
    So true, Mikki.

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    Default Re: How would new MJ music sound in 2019/ the 2020s?

    Michael Jackson made an enigmatic statement (during the early stages of the making of the ‘Invincible’ album) when he said that people will understand and appreciate that album after 10-15 years from its release.

    But, by all accounts, ‘Invincible’ musically was not ahead of its time when it came out in 2001.

    It was essentially a mixture of the then-current trends: the up-tempo tracks had a typical Rodney Jerkins’ sound, while the mid-tempo tracks and the ballads were heavily influenced by R&B and neo soul musical elements.

    One has to wonder here if Michael Jackson (when he made that statement) had initially a completely different vision with that album, but he eventually decided for one more time to swim with the tide by releasing an album with familiar to the audience sounds/style in order for him to get easier chart and commercial success with it.


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