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You talk about “South Park” disrespectful to Michael, you forget “Family Guy” also disrespected Michael. Those 3 idiots should look back at the episode when Homer was falsely accuse sexually grabbing the babysitter and how media tries to ruin his life until the end Willie got proof that Homer did nothing improper and the media admitted their mistakes. “Homer Badman” in case some of yous don’t know, that episode should be a perfect example as to why they were so blinded and poisoned by not realizing the truth. Groening, Brooks and Jean should look back at it and see what they did was wrong or they’ll get burned for it.
Yeah that's the exact episode I was referring to. There's also one where Itchy and Scratchy gets banned/censored because parents (led by Marge) complained about it corrupting children, and eventually their rage expands to protesting the Statue of David and they demand that it be censored as well. When that happens, Marge actually begins to have second thoughts about everything. The fact that the showrunners have forgotten all about what they tried to teach in these episodes is pretty alarming and shows how out of touch they are now.

As for Family Guy, doesn't surprise me that show says bad stuff as well. It's kind of in the same boat as South Park in that it makes fun of everyone. Unlike South Park, though, there seems to be a near-universal consensus that it's not good anymore and just needs to end.