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    Default A small vent.

    Please note I will not be releasing the names of anyone involved in this to avoid drama and to respect their privacy.

    A while ago, I was a member of a Discord chat for an MJ channel. It was not a fun experience, so I want to get it off of my chest because it's really hurting me.

    What always used to happen in there is whenever somebody mentioned Invincible, the Staff would always jump on it and rip it to shreds. Making very, very nasty comments on his vocals, the album's production and everything about it. In fact, this extended to pretty much album/song Michael ever did. What really upsets me about it is that these guys are amateur 'producers'. They think they're above everyone else because of this. I guess the fact that one of them worked in a musical (or so they said) makes them feel like they have the right to critique Mike like that. Excuse me. You're a goddamn nobody. Who the hell do you think you are? He spoke about Mike as if they were on the same level. And this guy personally attacked other members as well. Actually, it wasn't criticism of MJ and his work. It was hate. These same people sit there all day obsessively re-making his songs down to every last detail. Why do that if "everything after Bad was awful"? The worst part was when they found my channel and linked it in the chat. They ripped me apart for every little thing I got wrong. These people make me laugh, looking back on it. It just seems so pathetic. I'm sorry, guys. I am. I just had to tell somebody.

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