I’m interested to hear about how you all deal with clutter in your digital MJ collection. How do you handle the massive amount of photos, videos, and newspaper articles you have collected on your hard drives over the years? How do you use folders, tags, apps, naming conventions etc. to keep everything organized?

I have decided to go with a chronological approach and sort everything into folders by year, date & event, and then subfolders for videos, photos etc. So, a typical folder structure looks like this:

---1984-02-28 Grammy Awards

The international date convention ensures that all subfolders are sorted chronologically and the whole thing results in a timeline of events.

What’s your approach? And what do you collect? Do you keep multiple versions of the same video? Each and every amateur video and blurry photo? Or are you picky and keep only the best? Do you meticulously rename all photos according to a naming convention? Or are you a hoarder who dumps everything into one huge folder and never looks back?