Obviously, there was beef between Mike and Mick. Reportedly, they dissed each other after the State of Shock collabo with Mike saying that Mick sang off-key and Mick saying that Mike was 'frothy' or some ish. Now, in spite of all this enmity between the two, Mick, as far as I know, and someone enlighten me If I'm in dark, never publicly expressed his feelings regarding Mike's passing, which is surprising considering that everybody who was somebody, even people who had been critical of Michael expressed their sorrow. His arch-rival Prince was surprisingly affected by his death and Sting - who had previously been critical of Mike's megalomania - had something thoughtful to say.

It's puzzling to me that in 95 Mike included a pic of him and Mick in that collage towards the end of the History booklet. Apparently, Mike didn't feel that much ill will toward him.

As for Jagger, he dropped out of the 9/11 United We Stand concert apparently because MJ joined it.

Anybody has more insight into this?