Dangerous/HIStory are two of his most creative works. This makes me look back on how I was always curious about what he'd come up with next. There was often music that I had never heard before:
Fusing classical with pop & gospel in Will you be there. Little Susie with the harp and haunting lyrics, audio of historic moments waved in on HIStory, Morphine with it's slow middle that came out of nowhere and a really odd beat, They don't care about us with it's pounding hard rythm, Jam and in the closet with all it's crazy sounds of breaking glass and other weird sounds , Dangerous with the great outro, wanna be starting something with the African chants, thriller with Price, DSTYGE's awesome glass percussion etc

I missed stuff like this on Invincible it sounded so mundane compared to his previous albums, for the first time I felt MJ was repeating himself, except for the song heartbreaker which has possible his best beat. You need to listen to it on headphones it's very creative and sometimes you hear things that you didn't hear before.

Same goes for the music videos accompanying the songs. YRMW felt like a retreat and I also think he was too old for a song with that theme. I think his creativity finally dried up after 30 odd years.