Nice to meet you all guys.
I hope you're all ok in theses quarentine, learning and keeping MJ in movement. Please answer me, lets have a conversation in this quarentine, I think it's a health tool to avoid depression and stuffs like that.

Well, I'm Leo, 27yo, just a fan from Brazil since like 2007 (any brazilian in here)?

When I was 14, I used to be an active member in a brazilian forum called MjBeats since 2008 (nowadays is just a blog with some MJ's news and other stuffs, there is no forum anymore.
When we had the forum. My only life goal at that time was to get good grades at school, so in my free time (a loooot), I participated in that forum by hunting some news, curiosities, and making signatures for emails, like these:
My close friend Fran
My close friend Ana
My close friend Duda that passed away in 2013
And mine (since a long time fan both MJ and Eminem)

Also in my 14 (miss that a lot), I had the amazing opportunity to meet some music videos and Dangerous Live in Bucharest DVDs by MJ (borrowed from a close friend until nowadays), so of course I fell in love by MJ's art. So I started to imitating his dance in school, and for my happiness, people around liked it.

Im so thankful, 'cause I was never good at dancing, actually i didnt like to, until I saw that 95 MTV's Billie Jean and Dangerous for the first time. Sooooooooo excited while watching I decided my new misson was learn that, and so I did.
I guess it was 4 or 5 years imitating the King (2008-2012).

Follow the link to watch some videos of mine haha. I was bad at dancing but MJ gave me (still give) the strength to do what I wanted and be who I was/am.

What about you guys? Where are you all from and age, when you meet the MJ's magic and how you became a fan?
I have a lot of stories to tell about my fan journey, hahah lets have fun.