Hi everyone!

My name is Beverly or Bevie I’m from California and am working as a physical therapist! Yay hahaha so other than being sick and self-quarantining due to the virus, I have missed this family, ya’ll. I remember when I joined MJFC back in 2010 and I just remember all of the great times I had. All of the amazing friends I made. I miss it! I am gonna be honest and say that I don’t remember my username from the other site but I can maybe say “MJfan4forever”?

Or if that wasn’t it, then maybe by one of my few fics that I posted, like, “The Way You Love Me” that starred my girl Magdalena Velarde or Lena for short (or Lenny like Michael used to call her lol). That was my longest fic ever hahaha it was 52 chapters, I think!!!

Anyway, I am so happy to be a member (feels like I never left, to be honest). If anyone is an old member and remembers me, come say hi!

Much love,
Bevie <3