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Thread: Mini-Tutorial: How to post photos to the Forum, using Imgur

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    Default Mini-Tutorial: How to post photos to the Forum, using Imgur

    People asked me repeatedly via direct message how to post photos here, so I thought I’d make a small tutorial about how I do it. There are many different ways, of course. I’m usually posting from my computer using Imgur (it’s great because you can post without opening an account), and this is how:

    Go to and click the button “New Post”:

    This will present you with a dialogue, where you can choose to upload or link to a picture. Important: the picture will be public, so never, ever upload anything that you want to keep private.

    I chose to upload a GIF from my computer in this example.

    Next, you can add a title and description, but if the only purpose is to post the image here, you can leave those blank.

    You can also choose to upload more pictures by clicking “Add Image”.

    Imgur also lets you share the image at this point, but choosing that option will embed it with the whole Imgur-Frame around it and that’s usually not what you want when you’re posting here.

    So, instead, right-click on the picture and choose “View Image” from the context-menu. *

    It might say something a little different than “View Image”, depending on the browser you’re using. So look for an option to view/show/open this image/photo/picture whatever.

    This will open a page that has nothing but you photo on it.

    Next, look at the address bar in your browser (that’s where you usually type in the website that you want to go to). It now shows you the internet address of your photo, like this:

    Copy that text.

    Open your post here in the forum and find the button to embed an image: **

    Click the button and paste your copied image address into this dialogue, like so:

    Click “OK” and voilà, here’s your image! If you preview your post it should be there in all its glory.

    Hope this helps. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

    * There’s a possible shortcut at this step, but not all browsers have this option. If you see the option to “Copy Image Address” or similar, you can skip the “View Image” step and copy the address that way. It’s the same thing.

    ** Another shortcut is to simply type out the IMG tag with the brackets in the text-editor, instead of going via the image button. It’s the same thing.
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    Default Re: Mini-Tutorial: How to post photos to the Forum, using Imgur

    Thank you so much. This ^ is hugely helpful
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