I love producing music and making music as well as making music with other people. I was wondering if there is anyone he who also makes music and if there are any musicians here who want to make some music with me? Nothing serious or anything, I don't make music professionally, just for fun?

Also, I count singers and rappers as musicians too, since the voice is literally an instrument.

I love making a wide range of music and styles though I tend to really enjoy and work best around Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop styles. I'm really interested in rappers and singers. If there are any who songs they have written but can't but a beat to, I'd love to help. I love producing! Or we could write something completely new, or both! I also have a background in graphic design and I do all of my own album covers, so I'd be happy to that too.

I don't many other musicians and singers and I love to collaborate so, that's why I'm coming here. If any one would like to make some music and mess around and make chill beats, please, please let me know!

What kind of music do you create?